Our favorite TV shows and movies have some of the greatest minds behind the designs. From Insecure on Sunday’s to The Crown on Netflix, you can bet these designers channeled each character to the T with some fashionable threads. This year we have looked to Television shows and movies for a bit of inspiration. Here are the Best Costume Designer of The Year!

  1. Shiona Turini – Insecure

The battle all season long was #TeamIssa or #TeamMolly. Though the show may have had us on the edge of our seats , Shiona made sure they did so in style. Since the premiere of Insecure, their costume and design department has tapped into the power of the black aesthetic; making the characters relatable with fashion. With fashion finds from black designers to luxury couture , we can guarantee that Shiona Turini brought the heat!

2. Michelle Cole – Black AF

Some of our favorite TV shows, like In Living Color, gave us a visionary insight into the world of fashion. Michelle Cole is behind some of the greatest looks of all time. Working with Kenya Barris on Black-ish and Grown-ish, the duo decided to team up on Black AF and the stans went wild. Michelle’s tenure as a stylist has us re-creating looks from years ago. It said that Cole is the reason , actress Yara Shahidi is a style icon now, and we love it!

3. Frank Fleming – Power Book 2: Ghost

It is no secrete that Frank Fleming is leaving us in awe with the first season of Power Book 2: Ghost. As the season continues to unfold after its mid-season finale, we can’t help but to bite our nails and find out who wore what next. Power is known for bringing in some heat when it comes to costume and design but Frank may have us way more intrigued then before.

4. Patricia Field – Emily in Paris

From the creators of ‘Sex and the City’, we have been introduced to a new series, Emily In Paris. Emily is a marketing executive from Chicago who was hired at a marketing firm in Paris to provide an American perspective for their company. Patricia Field brings Emily’s personality to life through her fashion . Of course in a city where fashion is like food, Patricia took no prisoners in slaying Emily on the screen. She has worked on sets like “The Devil Wears Prada’ , Ugly Betty, and the ‘Sex and the City ‘ movie sequels as well as TV shows. Her vibrant style has the stans ready to take risk within their own wardrobes.

5. Provi Fulp – Black Lightning

You have never seen super hero’s so fly before like in the series Black Lightning. That’s because Provi Fulp has entered the chat. Not only were some of our favorite heroes fighting in fly suits, they knew how to clean up to. With the balance of living a normal life and helping save their town Freeland, Provi did not hold back in letting us really experience life with the Pierce’s. Working on sets like Being Mary Jane, Love Is, and Girls Trip; which the character Sasha (played by Queen Latifa ) was inspired by our very own EIC Claire Sulmers, Provi Fulp keeps pushing the envelope.

6. Amy Roberts – The Crown

Netflix released a series called ‘The Crown‘, a fictional story of Queen Elizabeth’s reign during the early 21st century. Soon after the release, people noticed how closely the fashions matched real life events of the Queen’s tenure on the throne. More so Princess Diana and a close look into her life. Amy Roberts is the mastermind behind the infamous styling that has the world in shambles. Especially with the close resemblance of the Princess’s’ wedding dress. Amy‘s notable evolution of the families artistic fashion has her featured as one of the best in the industry.

Now that we have presented to you the Best Costume Designer of The Year category, now its time to vote !