Fashion Bomb Daily is getting ready for its very first award ceremony, the FABYs, with a set of fashion superlatives highlighting bomb people and moments we witnessed in 2019! To add to the excitement, we are giving you the chance to vote for a Fashion Bomber of the Year. We shared many dapper men on Fashion Bomb Daily’s Instagram this year, but only one can be THE Fashion Bomber. With that being said, we have gathered 10 fan-fave Fashion Bombers for you to choose from in order to vote for the Fashion Bomber of the Year!

Let’s get into the contestants below:

  1. @coreepi

His androgynous, high-end looks are creative and inspires your curiosity into his style choices. We love his fierce use of bold colors and textures, and the way he tells a story with his garments in pictures.

2. Deveja (@_djuice) from Dallas

This classy bomber is a photographer yet he’s a muse of his own. We love the prints and bold hues!

3. Mohamed (@boon.vivant) from Paris

Remember Mohamed (@boon.vivant) from Paris? His style exudes top notch swag! He racked up over 900 likes on our Instagram. We love how he makes all black look so fashionable with a pop of color!

4. Dexter (@littlefashionguy) from Texas

Dexter’s dope style was one that was hard to miss. He knows how to keep his street style on point with the dopest sneakers and most vibrant color combinations!

5.  Sebastian (@sebastianstyless) from Toronto

He writes, “With my keen eye for detail, fresh approach to styling, and ability to simultaneously predict trends and transcend them. I believe I have solidified my presence in an ever-changing industry. I would describe my style as classy, yet edgy and vibrant. I love the creative part of mixing patterns and using bold colours to highlight my personality. I believe dressing well is a form of expression, enabling you to say who you are without uttering a single word.”

6. Dion (@dapperdion) from New York City

He writes, “My style can be described as “versatile”. I try not to conform to any gender or social norms, rather keep my looks fluid. My outfits change according with my mood, the weather, and which version of myself I am choosing to showcase to the world. Fashion is the way I tell my story without saying a single word.”

7. Akief (@akiefsheriff) from Philly

Akief is one Bomber who gives us style with a twist! He likes to switch it up going from edgy casual to dapper fresh in the same week.

8. David (@_david.iv)

David was a particular favorite of ours for 2019! He possesses such a unique personality and style that truly sets him apart in a crowd. The stashe definitely adds that extra flare to his looks though!

9. Josiah (@logikriver) from Brussels

Josiah is definitely a classic man when it comes to style and fashion! You will always catch him in his polished drip while in the streets of Brussels.

10. Franck (@franck_demaga) from Brooklyn

How could we forget Franck from Brooklyn? Franck keeps it debonair when it comes to his sense of style, keeping it classy and confident in tailored looks.

Our Bombers took their style to the next level in 2019!

Now, it is your time to vote for this year’s Fashion Bomber of the Year:

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