Can you believe the year is almost over?!  This year we’ve seen some interesting trends which influenced the style of our most fashionable bombshells.  I took some time to surf the Fashion Bomb Daily Instagram feed and tally up the Bombshells with the most likes under their photos.  Let’s take a look at the 10 most liked fashonistas:

1. Chastity, @GarnerStyle from San Jose (5,271 likes, 322 comments)


Chastity, better known as @GarnerStyle shows us that beauty comes in all sizes.  The curvy blogger displays her confidence, grace and style via her blog,

When her photo was posted to the Fashion Bomb Daily Instagram account, we were met with an overwhelming response!

best-of-2016-fashion-bombshell-of-the-year-garnerstyle-3Dairese4779 said, “@Garnerstyle knows how to work her curves!”



And that she does!  Not only has she encouraged women to appreciate their size, she also shows that a plus size woman can wear any and everything they want.  She exemplified that by recreating Lady Gaga’s Oscars look.

2. Lillian, @ShesSoOverdressed from Houston (4402 likes, 88 comments)


Lillian showed off a clean, classic aesthetic to her wardrobe.  You can tell that her philosophy is ‘Less is More.’


Her neutral color palette is anything but boring.


On the contrary, she knows how to add color when appropriate.


Speaking of color, Lillian tends to stray from prints, making solid colors the common theme of her personal style.

3. Nikkia, @simplynikkia from Atlanta (4,274 likes, 81 comments)


Nikkia, better known as @SimplyNikkia, knows how to rock a floor-length ensemble.


She slayed in a blue striped duster and matching wide-leg palazzo pants.


Let’s not forget her stylish maternity wear.  She embraced her baby bump in a white, long sleeve dress with a train flowing behind her.  Ruffinconsultingservices said, “@SimplyNikkia style has ALWAYS been on point!!! One of kind, even slayed during pregnancy!”


4. Samjah, @SamjahIman from Louisiana (4,066 likes, 70 comments)
Samjah’s style is the perfect mix of vintage pieces and street style edge.  She experiments with different looks that all seem to work on her.


She gave us street style realness when she wore thigh high boots, cut-off shorts with a white buttoned down shirt.  Her fur cross body purse and gold bib necklace were definitely statement pieces.  Hot!


Then she showed some vintage glam by wearing a black bird cage hat, black dress and choker.  TheRealrandomnone said, “Beautiful style, confident woman = EVERYTHING!

I agree!  You can see more of her style on blog

5. ChiChi, @SuppleChic from Lagos (4012 likes, 77 comments)

best-of-2016-fashion-bombshell-of-the-year-supple-chicLagos has some of the most fashionable bombers and bombshells.  ChiChi is definitely one of them.


One of my favorite outfits from her was the plaid bandeau top and red culottes.  Chic!

best-of-2016-fashion-bombshell-of-the-year-supple-chic-4In her submission she wrote, “One style rule I live by is to always have a hero piece, it can be a printed shoe, a ruffled strap, a statement piece of jewelry or even a pop of color. Its keeps a look understated but not unnoticed.”



6. LaToiya, @Toityme from Philadelphia (3,926 likes, 85 comments)


LaToiya is the definition of a bombshell.  She has mastered the art of mixing high-end pieces with low-end pieces.


Cue the Hermes bag and Saint Laurent sandals with the Zara outfit.

best-of-2016-fashion-bombshell-of-the-year-toityme-1Imsolanagees writes, “@Toityme from one Philly girl to another….never overdone! you’re a mother who is setting a great example for other women on how to express yourself without exposing yourself! Love your style!”



I’m not going to front, I love pretty much everything LaToiya wears!

7. Jasmine, @ClothesandFros from Chicago (3,693 likes, 79 comments)


Jasmine, owner of the Clothes and Fros blog, definitely has a thing for stylish clothing and big hair.

She stayed on top of the season’s trends!  Loved her denim thigh high boots and brass choker.

She made a fashionable, political statement with her ‘Black Lives Matter’ denim jacket.


In her submission she wrote, “Style, for me, is ever-changing.  I wouldn’t even want to box myself in by saying I have one particular style.”  I can dig it!

best-of-2016-fashion-bombshell-of-the-year-clothes-and-fros-48. MaNgu, @Original_Mangu from Manchester (3,645 likes, 192 comments)


MaNgu has swag!  She documents her flawless style on her blog, The Original Mangu.



BazaarChicness stated, “She definitely has the swag and fashion sense, good coordination and nothing looks forced, Go easy on em girl, wonderful looks all around!!!”


I couldn’t agree more!  I loved most of her looks but the inverted polka dot ensemble was probably my favorite.
best-of-2016-fashion-bombshell-of-the-year-original-mangu-49. Erika, @FrenchVendette from New York (3,315 likes, 80 comments)


Erika describes her style as, “chic, modern, with an eccentric twist!”


She went bold with the colors which worked perfectly for her complexion.

best-of-2016-fashion-bombshell-of-the-year-french-vendette-2CaribbeanSplash wrote, “I love everything! !!! She is wearing them with class!!! 10!!!!!”

best-of-2016-fashion-bombshell-of-the-year-french-vendette-310. Kameelyen, @KameeLyen from New York (3,143 likes, 27 comments)


Rounding out the top 10 Bombshells of the year is Kamee.  She gives us a peak into her fashion adventures via her blog,


best-of-2016-fashion-bombshell-of-the-year-kamee-lyen-3You guys were feelin’ her too!  YesSheSlays said, “Wow. Way to start off the year! She’s so fly!”

She’s a fashion chameleon!  Her style is impeccable.  Definitely deserving of the bombshell name.


*Wipes sweat* That was a lot!  We definitely had some notable bombshells this year.

What do you think?  Who should be the Bombshell of the Year?



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