With the advent of Instagram, our Bomber feature’s popularity has shifted to social media! Instead of dozens of comments on the site, all the votes and feedback are on the ‘Gram! Therefore, I sifted through dozens of Bombers from the past year, and included those who were able to get over 2,000 likes on IG (most Bombers get around 1,000 likes or less).
Best of 2015- Fashion Bomber of the Year
Regardless of popularity or timing, these male fashionistos killed it.

1. Johnny aka @johnnydotjpeg from New York (2,259 Likes, 94 Comments)
6  Johnny from New York
Johnny from NY danced into our hearts with a diverse sartorial selection. Suits, sneakers, jerseys…whatever he wore, he worked it.
5  Johnny from New York
Readers were pleased! @Angelica.Fields typed, “He cute love his style,” and @Yansstyle wrote, “I dig it.”
0  Johnny from New York 8

His post garnered an impressive 16 comments, and 89% of readers voted, “Hot! Kaboom! This is a Fashion Bomber!”
3  Johnny from New York
2.Gregory aka @artofastylist from Maryland (2,481 Likes, 91 Comments)
gregory from baltimore
2nd time Fashion Bomber Greg from Maryland got his pose on with obligatory shades and unmatched pinache.
1 Gregory from Maryland
Words used to describe him were “Dope,” “Dapper,” and “Classic.”
Gregory from Maryland

On his post, the praise was unanimous, with comments ranging from, “Everything is impeccably tailored!” to “Awesome style!”
3 Gregory from Maryland
3. Willie @williesparks from Chicago (2,233 Likes, 46 comments)
1 Willie from Chicago
Willie from the Chi gave GQ realness with modelesque poses and magazine worthy pix.
7 willie from chicago
Most comments focused on his undeniable good looks.
6 Willie from Chicago

Hunny Bee typed, “I like the subtlety of his style and it doesn’t hurt that he’s a cutie lol.

Willie from Chicago
4. Darren @thereal_darren from L.A. (2,788 Likes, 63 comments)
7 Darren from LA
2nd time Fashion Bomber Darren introduced himself by saying, “I trust my own fashion sense so taking risks and actually pulling them off is easy for me.”
2 Darren from LA
His submission was chock full of curated looks, both subdued and more adventurous.
4 Darren from LA

He made readers open their minds, with @FashionLawLawyer writing, “I was just debating with myself how I feel about men in ripped/destroyed denim….he looks pretty good.”
Darren from LA
5. Grant aka @grantkee from Memphis (2,011 likes, 65 comments)
2 Grant from Memphis
Grant represented for Memphis in a mixture of high and low pieces, from Hermes to vintage tanks.
4 Grant from Memphis
He was submitted by former Bombshell Peyton, who wrote, “I am submitting my darling friend and former commercial model for Fashion Bomber of the Day.”
6 Grant from Memphis

Dyshaun approved, writing, “Nice. Very.”
5 Grant from Memphis

6. Sheldon aka @_fitz_ from NYC (2,377 likes, 45 comments)
6 Sheldon from NYC
We have another model on deck! Sheldon aka Fitz from New York was another crowd favorite.
Sheldon from NYC
His Instagram was littered with comments like, “He’s got what it takes,” and “He gets a rare thumbs up from me!”

The kudos continued to his post. Hello wrote, “He is really handsome and is definitely a bomber!” Jilliboo added, “How cute is he?! he looks great in the mono chromatic white outfit. Keep up the great work, handsome!”
3 Sheldon from NYC
7. Dex @dexrob from New York (3,747 Likes, 86 comments)
5  dex from new york
Dex was one of our most popular Bombers of all time with 3,747 Likes, almost double the tally of some of his counterparts.
3  dex from new york
@BrownSugarNikki was feeling it, and wrote, “It’s different from the normal men’s fashion and I like it!”
2  dex from new york

T Lucidity summed it up nicely on his post, writing, “Well, it’s about damn time! Maybe that’s what this feature needed, in terms of originality, a male perspective! BombMale, for sure!”
1  dex from new york

8. Jean @theplainvillegent from Dallas (2,131 Likes, 77 Comments)
Jean from Dallas
Jean was another 2nd timer who wanted us to see how his style had evolved over the years.
6  jean from dallas.
His forté? Well tailored suits in an assortment of colors, from more traditional navy blue to lipstick red pants.
2 Jean from Dallas

@Shante1019 summed it up nicely when she wrote, “Sharper than a tack!” Review his post here.
3 Jean from Dallas

9. Cecil @sea4short from New York (2,393 Likes, 85 comments)
4 Cecil from New York
Photographer and personal shopper Cecil said he, “Fancies the elements of femininity composed in a masculine way.”
6 Cecil from New York
Leoliness saw the inspiration, writing, “Yesssss… I love every look. He is giving me Lenny and Miguel…”
7 Cecil from New York

Her opined, “He dresses better than most females.” Do you agree? See his post here.
8 Cecil from New York

10. Kevon @kay_style_ from L.A. (2,288 Likes, 156 Comments)
2  kevon from la
Kevon hit us with a man bun and an ample dose of chic.
000  kevon from la
He wrote, “I’m okay with being the “weird” one in the room.”
0  kevon from la

While many on Instagram didn’t quite ‘get’ his look, Bombshells on the site did! C said, “Why am I appreciating the ol’ school immitation Hilfiger sweatshirt…it shows he has a sense of humor about fashion….”
10  kevon from la
And that does it!
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Best of 2015: Who was the Best Fashion Bomber This Year?

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