Halloween is just around the corner and almost everybody is starting to prepare for this beloved holiday. However, everyone tends to find inspiration in things such as mythology or thriller or any kind of made-up characters that we’ve seen in countless fairy tales, Sci-fi shows, and whatnot.

But, what if you could choose a costume that would go directly with your tastes in entertainment? What if you could go to that local Halloween party dressed as something giving a strong casino vibe?

In this article, we will give you some ideas on how you can create some of the most interesting and eye-catching costumes for yourself as well as your friends. Some of them will indeed be based on Sci-fi or fantasy characters, but hey, as long as they correlate with anything relevant to a casino, they’re alright in our books.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland

It’s always nice to have some kind of source material and not have to do anything from scratch right? Well, the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland is probably one of the best inspirations you can take from a fantasy movie or fairy tale.

Although it’s not directly outlined in the story that Red Queen represents the queen of hearts, it’s very heavily hinted at it. The overall shape of her hair, the color of the dress and the small hearts sewn inside the dress.

It would be just as easy to simply change the color pallet and turn it into something like the Black Queen, where the red is replaced with black, and the emphasis on the hearts is replaced with an emphasis on spades.

Pinterest seems to agree with us on this idea, as there’s a bunch of dresses to be seen in the source we found there.

We believe it would be an amazing costume worthy of applause from everybody else.

A slot machine

As goofy as it may sound, there are actually costumes out there that you can either make, rent or buy that are basically interactive slot machines, well at least according to Casinopånett they are so, why not use them for a fun party.

The costume is very simple and isn’t necessarily designed for just women or just men. It’s pretty unisex.

However, make sure that when you’re designing the costume, you make sure that it’s interactive and can actually spin the reels if somebody pulls the lever. If you check the source, you’ll find out that it makes for a really nice ice breaker with strangers and an even better tool for playing games with friends at a party.

A roulette dress

Finally, let’s finish off this article with another dress for our female readers. The idea of the dress is pretty simple.

Imagine something which has the shape of a cone that has been cut off in the middle. You turn it upside down and simply mark it with the red, black and green colors that are present in roulette games.

If you’re extra dedicated to making it as perfect as possible, you can simply make this part of the dress from a special type of fabric that will allow a ball to spin and land on specific parts, thus creating a roulette from scratch of sorts.

Believe us when we say that this costume will definitely but you in the center of attention.