A year-plus of restrictions and wearing completely elastic-waisted pants may do a lot on your fashion sense. It is also safe to say that many people have no interest in going back to very stiff office slacks or tight jeans.

It seems like people have already forgotten how to put on uncomfortable shoes for the sake of maintaining a unique style. It is a type of trap, and now that the return to the in-person work is already here, there are two major options.

Either you submit to constrictions of your past professional wardrobe or curate new capsules, which look similar to business casual, and at the same time, feel like lounge clothes. Some of these clothes include:

  1. Tunic Top

Luckily for gym fanatics, most brands have already started making lightweight, flowy tunic-like tops that work as workout wears but look great even outside the gym.

You can consider options from Lucy, prAna, Lululemon, or Athleta, where you can find breathable and tech options, which may transition into the casual business environment.

Even if this style is not trendy in athleisure wear, geared to bring from a gym to your office, know that you are still in a professional working environment.

  1. Seamless Polo SS

Throw in a lightweight half-zip polo by Cobrapparel, whether you want to head straight to the office or gym. If you want to work out first, this polo shirt can wick away your sweat, and its mesh panel will enable airflow to keep you cool.

This functional apparel, couples with a classic-yet-sporty silhouette, can make you look sharp at work or the gym.

  1. Joggers

These are the modern-day answers to ever-dependable yoga pants. Basically, they are tapered pants, which exude similar casual vibes and cloth as your normal off-duty sweatpants.

However, joggers are more versatile since you can find them in different materials. Plus, you will not be limited to traditional fleece that is more suitable for errand running and lounging.

Silky joggers can also exhibit a great slouch and appear more sophisticated when you decide to style it properly. To make it work in your office, you can try pairing it with a silky finish.

If you work in a place with strict dressing codes, tuck in your polished blouse and complete the style with an amazing blazer, which matches the joggers. This will create an appearance, which replicates a suit, though with a completely modern finish.

  1. Leggings

Wearing athleisure to go to work has never looked perfect as right now. However, this doesn’t mean wearing your hottest gym cloth and some nude or printed version of high-waisted leggings, which can show off your body a little bit too much.

The best thing to do is go for leather and black leggings, which will always pair with something long to cover your booty gains while in the office.

You can pair it with a long cardigan, blazer, and button-down shirt. Flat shoes, like brogues or sneakers, can also be a perfect option, but some choose to wear heels.

  1. Denim Jeggings

If you work in a more casual environment where denim is considered suitable, these jeggings can be an excellent option.

Ideally, these jeggings are designed for work out because the biggest sports apparel and undergarment brands manufacture them. Plus, these jeggings are similar to jeans.

Closing Remarks!

In general, it is possible to put on your favorite athleisure piece in the office. Particularly in more casual working environments, where dressing codes are more relaxed, you may match or mix your comfortable clothes for a stylish look, which will not have you itching all day.

Always keep your general tone relaxed, and at the same time, professional with proper accessories while balancing every piece in your wardrobe.