Can you believe that the last days of 2017 are dwindling down?! Wow! What a year. We took a scroll down memory lane a.k.a. our feed and we’ve tallied up the bombshells with the most likes. Take a look at these 5 stylish ladies who you all loved!

1. Cari, @Layllahstyle from Atlanta (16,974 likes, 236 comments) Cari, better known as @Layllahstyle channels personal style through neutrals in a unique way.

During our promo for Cocktails with Claire: Atlanta, it was only right to feature the hottest bombshells and Cari was clearly one! We loved how she made simple pieces look so bomb. You guys were on board! @Chloeniss said, “Her looks are awesome. The all black, the white dress and the simple black pants with white tube are just fab.”

  1. 2. Bettinah, @Bettinahtianah  from Uganda (14,751 likes, 405 comments)

Bettinah, better known as @BettinahTianah wrote, “Fashion is an instant language and Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”  We couldn’t agree more! 

3. Prisla, @Fashberries from New York (10,756 likes, 142 comments)

Prisla describes her style as, “colorful, fun with a touch of sophistication.”


4. Natasha Mayne, @Iamnatashamayne (8,669 likes, 246 comments)

Wow! Talk about stunning. When we first saw Natasha’s photos, we were in awe of her effortless style and beauty—and so were our readers!

Not only is Natasha a fashionista, she is also an attorney, fashion stylist and more! She writes, “My style is bold elegant-funk meets clean-polished-feminine. What makes my style exceptional is my devotion and dedication to creativity with no boundaries.

@mewbhil wrote, “Here. For. All. Of. This. I don’t usually comment but @ismnatashamayneYes girl yes. 👏👏👏Effortless style loving it.

5. Nengi, @Runwayribbons from London (8,538 likes, 93 comments)

To complete our Best of 2017 bombshell’s is blogger, Nengi. This stylish London Bombshell shares her fashion and travels on her lifestyle blog made a good guess when she commented on our original Instagram post writing, “Classy, unique and stylish… #bombshelloftheyear contenderWe agree! 

There were some amazing bombshells this year! They all have such a personal twist on their styles and 2017 trends.

Who was your favorite bombshell of the year?