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Best Of 2013- Fashion Bomber Of The Year
Stylish readers from all over the world sent in their pictures to showcase their singular aesthetics.
Let’s take a look at the best male submissions of 2013:
1. Jason from New York

3  bomber of the day jason from new york.JPG
Jason made his premiere over the Thanksgiving weekend, so quite a few of you may have missed his tailored looks.
888  bomber of the day jason from new york.JPG
Still, his influence was evident. He secured a 94% ‘Bomber’ vote, and left reader AD saying, “*Drops Funkmaster Flex bombs* I am here for this!”
00  bomber of the day jason from new york.JPG
See his original post here, and see more up to date snaps on his Instagram @Jasn_andrw.

2. Dualleh from the Hague
6 Dualleh from the Hague
Dualleh from the Hague was on our Best of 2012 Bomber roster, but lost by a hair to Davidson from New York. He decided to resubmit with a flurry of even more dapper ensembles with singular European flair.
7 Dualleh from the Hague
He is a perennial favorite! He received 94% and 93% ‘Bomber’ votes for his 1st and 2nd submissions, respectively; reader ILikeToSmize summarized our thoughts exactly: “AMAZING. Hands down, one of the best, most authentic entries. His high taste level is palpable.”
2 Dualleh from the Hague
We couldn’t agree more.
But can he bring the prize home this go round? See his first submission here, and his second here.

3. Raymond from the DMV
1 raymond from the dmv
Howard University student Raymond from the DMV set our stylish hearts aflutter with his mixture of bespoke and collegiate looks.
87 raymond from the dmv
The blogger for Dapper Diamond District wrote, “My style is inspired by my West African roots, music, art, and style icons of previous generations.” With a 95% ‘Bomber’ vote, he definitely aced your chic test! Irony wrote, “Just give him Bomber of the year already. Done.”
raymond from the dmv
Does he merit the title?
See his original post here and check out his latest looks on Instagram @thedapper_dd.

4. Darion from LA
While most of our Bombers excel in suits, Darion offered a laid back Cali vibe with his logo’d pieces, destroyed jeans, and eye catching footwear.
Though comments were mixed, quite a few of you could appreciate his sartorial artistry. Livvyv said it best, “I think he looks great. He doesn’t have to dress like a guy you would date to be consider a stylish male. I think his style shows versatility and fun.”

See his feature here and check up on him on IG @Darionfamous.
5. Akil from New York
akil from new york
Akil from New York got his grown man on with his November submission.
2  akil from new york
The Academic Advisor for Educational Opportunity at Buffalo State College said his interest in dressing well stemmed from an internship program, where he was the only black man in most of his courses. He said, “I quickly realized that the way you dress says a lot about you.
3  akil from new york
You guys had a lot to say about him, effusing, “Yes, Yes, and Yes! #Bomber. Great style, and great attitude and education to back it up….Love it!” and, “Wow. He just murdered it! Simplicity, proper fitting, educated..hello?! Set the bar high.”
5  akil from new york
Did he murder this competition? Check him out here and leave your thoughts below.
6. Patrick from Oakland
5 Patrick from Oakland
Patrick also brought a Cali vibe, with a strong selection of casually chic ensembles.
9 Patrick from Oakland
He wrote, “I like to keep my looks realistic, trendy, and comfortable.”
3 Patrick from Oakland
WestAfricanMutt wrote, “I usually am not a fan of bombers but he did that!”
2 Patrick from Oakland
Check his Instagram @pflipstyles reminisce on his first post here.
7.Gregory from Baltimore
3 gregory from maryland.JPG
Though few of you left comments with nominations for Bomber of the Year, Greg aka ArtofaStylist fantastically had at least 5 write ins, urging us to include him in this roundup.
gregory from baltimore
The personal shopper, who described his style as sophisticated and fun, only secured 80% of your ‘Bomber’ vote with his initial feature. How will he stand up against the other candidates?
greygory from maryland
See his post here and follow him on Instagram @ArtofaStylist.

That does it! Who was the flyest Fashion Bomber this Year?

Stay tuned for our Bombshell of the Year contest later today.