What was the inspiration for you Michael Gabriel Lopez that makes your brand stand out in the Fashion Industry today?

The concept of LONPARNY was born when I met David Cooper (@davidlonparny) and Lee Donaldson (@leelonparny) – the owners of a thriving UK-based jewelry brand. 

Soon enough, it became clear that their creativeness, expertise, and infatuation towards their industries, provide a framework for a genuinely outstanding fashion brand. My business partner Lee Donaldson had particular faith in the upcoming project and invested in it from the very beginning.

Indeed, the fashion line has rapidly become famous for its extraordinary designs and the precise incarnation of unexampled concepts. Moreover, I ultimately busted the doors of the fashion industry with my unique brand vision.

What about the first collection, Michael Gabriel? Tell us more about the preparation process. What distinguishes it so favorably?

From the very beginning, me and my business partners agreed to be particular about the quality of performance and uncompromising rigor of embodiment for every detail. 

Eventually, it took almost a year to settle down with the craftsmanship and manufacture of the first collection.

The choice fell on an Italian Factory that has experience of working with the leading luxury fashion brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, FENDI, RAF SIMONS, and more. Moreover, the factory has developed mastering methods exclusively for our fashion line. Due to these solutions, the very first collection of the brand vastly differs from all the concepts that the world fashion industry has seen before.

However, those efforts have instantly paid off. The very first Showroom on Paris Fashion Week has impressed Fashion influencers and buyers so much that it has secured numerous of celebrities such as Food God, Bella Thorne, 6ix9ine, Macklemore, Lil Pump, J Balvin and luxury retail stores asking their famous pieces, but they decided to do their first approach and collaborate with Luisa Via Roma to make an exclusive piece made by Crystals from Jean Paul Gaultier®.

Rumors have it that such a young fashion brand already has its signature piece that might have provided Michael Gabriel Lopez a rightful place in Fashion history books. Please, tell us more about it.

Most probably we are talking about the Denim Jacket, which has instantly gone viral, drawing the attention of numerous fashion influencers and celebrities worldwide. It features genuine Swarovski® Crystals and Pearl Lace.

Such treasure deserved a vigorous setting. So, we decided on holding a photo shoot for it in the Villa Casa Casuarina, in Miami.  This place is as familiar to the whole Fashion World as the former Versace Mansion.

Since the release of the very first item, the brand has created quite a few exclusive bespoke designs inspired by it. Those items have been built and manufactured precisely by clients` demand and have no analogs in the world.

What inspired this concept? Why did you Michael Gabriel decide to follow the path of bespoke designs and individual manufacture?

Until now, there was a significant gap in the fashion market for tailored, handcrafted, and sensational-looking pieces. Such items cannot come from standard manufactures and have to go through a complicated labor-intensive craftsmanship process to ultimately stand out and catch the eye of everyone who sees it.

This eye-catching effect appeared to be literal! Once me and my partners took a walk down Ocean Drive wearing their creations, it took them almost an hour to walk just 1 mile. People were constantly stopping them, asking questions about their jackets, complimenting, or taking pictures with them.

So, what does it take to create such an iconic fashion item?

The process is pretty complicated and involves many steps. However, there are several crucial matters. First is the Pearl Lace. The brand currently offers two designs of the Pearl Lace. They can be adjusted and colored according to the bespoke concept. And to secure the highest quality of materials and execution, I addressed the London-based company Joel and Sons, who supply by appointment to her majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Also, each jacket features around 350-400 individual Crystals from Swarovski®. Quite massive, those stones are placed in exclusive Gold or Rhodium Plated settings, also provided by Swarovski®. With the precise hand-sewing and the highest quality standards, it takes 15-20 hours to perfectly place and secure every stone.

The final step is lining. When all the stone settings are secured at their places, they add the binding “MADE WITH CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI®” label, which instantly provides the atmosphere of prestigiousness and luxurious touch to every single item.

Those are not just other pieces of clothes, but items of significant value!

Indeed! And the value of every item is not only about the price of materials. It is mostly a matter of hard work and dedication invested in every piece. Considering the initial design, particular choice and arrangement of materials, tailoring, and sewing, each jacket takes around 35 hours to make. However, just one look at the final item entirely justifies this time-consuming manufacture.

The same is true for the final price of every jacket that usually starts at $6500. However, every item is unique due to genuinely bespoke designs, precise tailoring, and limitless customization opportunities for every customer. The most expensive item, produced till now, was the Jacket for Chris Brown. The unique piece entirely made with Swarovski® Crystals, which took around 40-45 hours of hard work and has a retail value of $20,000.

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