As the cold snap continues, January meant the return of the highly anticipated LFWM. Belstaff’s recently appointed and talented creative director Sean Lehnhardt-Moore, the brainchild behind the new range, launched the aptly named “Great British Roots” collection in a truly imaginative way.

Housed in the brands home in Mayfair and set in the most idyllic location, the collection was an evolution of every milestone in Belstaff’s long and remarkable history.


The ingenuity of the setting

The scene was set into four packing crates, each one depicting different aspects of the new collection. The first, Outwards Bound, highlighted the brands close connection with the outdoors and their heritage of clothing the adventurers of the past, present and future. The term explorer undeniably transpires into the clothing, which features strong shearling collars and carefully crafted internal knitted layers. The outer layers of the jackets never cease to impress, being waterproof and hand-waxed, offering the ultimate worn-in look.

A heavy military presence was felt within the second crate, the Dockland collection. Inspired by their historic connection with the military and navy, featuring strong colours such as dark indigo, there were undeniable militaristic features within the range such as double-breasted coats.

Next, we journey to The Machine Age. The pièce de résistance of the collection and highlighting some of Belstaff’s most stunning creations. For years Belstaff has provided drivers, pilots and motorcyclists the best of the best when it comes to outerwear.

The final scene in the collection has a strong sense of functionality, whilst still remaining true to the brands style. The heavily industrial and grungy colours of black, brown and dark greys encompass this particular range and a sense of modernisation has been evoked by pairing the not usually seen together black and brown.


An undeniable experience of “Great British Roots”

Guests who attended the show were encouraged to immerse themselves fully in the experience. The room boasted autumn leaves, a stunning vintage motorcycle and rustic mechanical features. In attendance were British model David Gandy, actor Oliver Proudlock and Scottish actor Craig McGinley to name a few.  

The overall experience that Belstaff offered during LFWM, showed just how durable and innovative the brand is, and continues to be, whilst still successfully holding its heritage and signature classics at the forefront of everything they do. The debut range from Sean Lehnhardt-Moore showed just how much the new creative director is invested in the brand by taking its original designs and evolving them to suit the modern explorer.

Firmly rooted in British fashion history, Belstaff continues to prove it is a brand that is here to stay by producing fashionable and functional outerwear, offering the exceptional quality that you would expect from a wholly British company.