Our friends over at Stuff Fly People Like recently posted this picture:

Kelis Cassie Lala Shaved Heads

Apparently our Style File subject Lala has jumped on the shaved side train, even taking the look a step further by adding a few clean lines into the mix.

Kelis brought the edge, Cassie softened the spark, and now Lala makes the look super trendy.

What do you think bombshells? Is the look edgy or are you over it?

Most importantly: would you rock it?

18 thoughts on “Beauty Verdict: Kelis vs. Cassie vs. Lala’s Shaved Styles”

  1. My girl Kelis…set trends she doesn’t follow. I love her because she blazes her own fashion trail…fearless and fierce!

  2. I was SHOCKED when Cassie did it… because it’s such a dramatic change from the other side w her hair being so much long that say.. Kelis. I think it should be left at JUST that.. Cassie Shockin ppl . everyone else should STEP off (LALA)

  3. I definitely have to agree with Monie. Kelis DEFINES the word trendsetter. Everybody else needs to fall back, although I do like the look on Cassie.

  4. Kelis definitely blazed the trail with this trend; while everyone else was rocking the honey blonde hairstyles down to their mid-back, Kelis came out with the sexy, short cut and showed that brunettes know how to have fun too! As far as Cassie and LaLa, while I like both ladies, I’m not to impressed with the hair cuts.

  5. Kelis as all have said is definitely a leader in styles vs. a follower, though I may not always like her looks. I don’t like the look on Cassie..it just doesn’t work on her. Now I personally wish women would just stop shaving one side of their head..like wtf??? But since they do choose to do it I think when Kelis did it, it worked & it also looks goon on LaLa. And everyone should stop knocking them for attempting the shaved head look Kelis started, b/c when Kelis started the longer hair on one side & shorter on the other no one said Rihanna was a follower & a biter when she started doing it or every other star for that matter.

  6. They all look good, but Kelis rocked it the best. To me she’s pretty been much be killing the game. I like Rhianna and Beyonce, but a lot of the things they’re doing now, Kelis already did, and did it better.

  7. Kelis makes it 5 star while Cassie and LaLa are even with 3 stars. No hate so please don’t go there (some people), it’s my opinion.

  8. Just when you give LaLa some recognition for her style, she goes and jumps on the bandwagon…take her crown!

  9. Over it!

    Lala does look cute but lets be real… what’s she gonna do when that ish starts to grow back?

    Kelis had SHORT hair so her transition from short to long did not seem to be very difficult…but who transtions short and long together??!!??

  10. Kelis rocked it the best. Then La La

    Cassie’s cut is not flattering on her at all. Sorry!

  11. I personally wouldn’t be able to get away with it. I HATE HATE HATE it on Cassie, but I love it on Lala and Kelis. Ravon Symone also did this hairstyle a while back I believe, it never caught on since she’s a D-lister.

  12. I really like it on La La. Cassie is just a snooze fest. It’s like a pretty girl trying to be edgy. It irks me that La La said that this was a “movement” started by Cassie. Lets not forget Kelis, J.Dvey …Salt N Pepa. Its a throwback that was revived by Kelis. But I give La La a pass b/c it looks GORGE!! on her.

  13. I really admire Kellis, she is fearless in her fashion choices. Cassie and Lala, not so much. That being said next to Kellis, Lala looks the best.

    I would never wear this look and I feel most people shouldn’t even try!

  14. kelis is a fly chick all day everyday! lala followed the trend she set nicely, but cassies looks wack. she is not an edgy fly girl. she is common ie regular pretty girl that we have all seen before…booooo!

  15. I have this same cut askelis n i had it before riri and all of them bc i def was following kelis just like all my other cuts(no reason to lie lol) and everyone loves it on me. it can look fashionable. professional and tasteful when done properly!

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