Amber Rose continues to surprise, this time dying her blond buzz a turquoise blue:

Amber Rose Blue Hair

Rose gets props for color coordinating her new hairstyle to her signature spandex pants…

Amber Rose Blue Hair

But what do you think of her latest beauty move?

11 thoughts on “Beauty Verdict: Amber Rose’s New Blue ‘Do”

  1. If she promises to dye it back blonde – I can get past this blue. If not, Ima be quite disenchanted with Miss. Amber

  2. That was only for one day. She said she wanted to match her tights. I personally love it. She is everything to me these days. I respect people that can be themselves. Not many women can match her fly.

  3. She’s a bit too much. I mean, I commend her for having her own style, but I think she goes too far most of the time and I just can’t deem her to be a “classy” chick. I guess that’s what she’s going for though. *shrugs*

    I’d love to see how she’ll extend her spandex shelf life for longer than a few years. This should be interesting…

  4. umm…hmm… well amber definitely has a BANGING body…but she wears leggins A LOT…and the blue is okay for this fit…but i love the BLONDE…and she needs to stick with that…umm hmm….lol

  5. The hair makes enough of a statement that she can manage to “play down” the rest of her outfit about 3 notches…all those colors…a bit much!

  6. Nothing about this is hot!!! Matching hair with pants??? WTF? Does she get a pass because she’s in the media? No Ma’am! If she was any other chick in Brooklyn, ATL or LA walking around with purple hair to match her purple wardrobe we would be appalled. I DO NOT approve (not that I have to, lol).

  7. veryy feww chicks cann pull BLUE HAIR off…to me shee rocked it..but i really do like the blonde….speaking of hair I made a huge mistake a couple days ago I got a bone straight perm..IM DEVASTATED.

  8. amber is so pretty that she can rock any color and it will look great this look is not for every on but its look good on her. you gooooooo amber love your style

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