Our Style Files are famous for highlighting celebrity fashion transitions, but we’re serving you a lil’ sumthin’ different today on Beauty Tuesday!
Hairstyles date photos just as much as a pair of FUBU jeans can, and celebs don’t have the luxury (like us) to hide those old pics with “forgettable” hair experiments. Some stars, though, ushered in their own styles that inspired wildfire-like trends. Check out the roundup below!
Halle Berry


Before Hurricane Chris, “The Halle Berry” referred to the star’s iconic short ‘do by the same name. Although Halle’s experimented with long hair in the past few years, she always seems to come back in some way, shape, or form to the pixie cut that sent so many of us running to our stylist’s chair for copycat looks when it first debuted!
Box Braids


Although the hood’s been doing box braids for years, it took stars like Brandy, Janet Jackson, and Yo-Yo to bring the trend to the forefront of the mainstream.


S-N-P deserve a category of their own for *all* of the various hairstyles they’ve rocked throughout the years, everything from braids, to asymmetrical ‘dos, to finger waves, to styles there’s not even a name for (what do you call Pep’s creation with the dookie braid above, in the yellow leather??).
Natural Locks


It’s no coincidence that the women above (Kelis, Erykah Badu, and Jill Scott) have strong personalities and rock the natural: it’s a style that’s as much a personal statement as it is a trend.
Shaved Sides


Kelis is at the forefront of so many trends (beauty or otherwise), and she rocked the shaved side way before the current crop (no pun) of edgy gals (Rihanna, Cassie, Nicole of NINA SKY), but if we have to take it way back, then credit is really due to the groundbreaking Grace Jones for being one of, if not the, first to rock a female fade.


Ain’t nobody messin’ with Strangé!
Now for our contest…


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What is the name of the above hairstyle, popularized by the actress of the same name?
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  1. Halle is simply beautiful; but her hotness intensifies when her hair is short … not many women can pull that off.

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