It looks like Kim Kardashian has another beauty hit on her hands!

TMZ has reported that her KKW Fragrance sold $10 million in a single day worldwide. And the most incredible part of it all is that not one of her customers was able to smell it in advance.

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Her trio of new scents just became available online on Wednesday morning, with Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Oud, and Crystal Gardenia Citrus all up for grabs. 300,000 bottles were produced and they’re on track to completely sell out.

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This is really thanks to Kardashian’s superb social media skills. Her KKW Fragrance account was started less than a month ago at the end of October and now has a little over 62,000 followers. But the KKW Beauty founder cross-promoted the perfume on her personal accounts, as did sister Khloe and mother Kris. So that’s a reach of almost 200 million people.

And when (not if) KKW Fragrance sells out, Kardashian will have made $14 million. Potentially in a day and a half…all Kim does is win!

So if you haven’t snagged one of Kardashian’s scents yet, you may not be able to for quite some time. We don’t doubt that she’ll be releasing more bottles, but we’re staying locked on her social media for the announcement.

Have you picked up any of Kim’s new scents?