Written by: Jennet Jusu (@TheJusuQuench) | FashionBombDaily Intern

It was the sale heard around the world, or mainly her 1.2M followers on Instagram, that knows her as @Supa_Cent, or notoriously ‘Wuzzam Supa’. The creator and CEO of her cosmetic line The Crayon Case. A New Orleans, Louisiana native who is the epitome of hustle and strength, there’s no question Supa has a drive that black girls around the way, can declare there’s truly superpowers and a lot of magic within us for real. To the masses, she was introduced to us through Vine for her crazy hilarious and comedic spirit that made her harsh reality of growing up in the hood oh, so real. But it’s the realness and authenticity that makes her thorough and the natural born hustler her supporters grew to love and witness blossom into a boss. A mother and fiancee first, and now CEO and Entrepreneur, customers and followers can assure that she does and will not lose.

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On November 26, 2018, with a warning that a sale would be hitting the internet for Cyber Monday, we were informed that a 60% sale would be placed for her cosmetic line that her customers couldn’t help but take advantage of. The cosmetic line that caters to the amateurs within the makeup world, Supa has created a line for makeup with it’s creative concept of taking you back to grad school that’ll leave you at awe. From ‘Arts & Crafts’ swatches, ‘Honor Roll’ highlighters, ‘Box of Crayons’ eyeshadows, and ‘Chalk Dust’ setting powders, guys and girls are taken back to school for a lesson in true beautification and glamour.

And like a true boss, in just an hour and a half into her sale that started 10am CST, she garnished over one million dollars for her Cyber Monday sale, that’s just for one day. It’s important to note liked she’d declare: There’s no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs. And there’s no question that Supa grinds to break barriers for her loving supporters, and most importantly her son, to witness. From teaching, which she declares as true NOLA endearment her ‘nieces’ some mastered cooking skills with #CookinWithSupa, or even offering raw and authentic advice on her Instagram segments of  #AskSupa, there’s no limit of what she can do and accomplish. Starting from the bottom as a Hurricane Katrina survivor, we stand witness to a broken crayon that’s still coloring.