Hello, gorgeous ones!
Danielle here with a rundown of some of the looks at last night’s Oscars. There were several monumental moments, such as Precious screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher becoming the first African-American writer to win an Oscar and actress/comedian Mo’Nique took home the gold for her supporting role also in Precious.

Were the beauty looks as monumental though? Let’s find out…

Academy Award Winner Mo’Nique looked absolutely gorgeous in a subtle makeup look with glamorous false lashes. I’m also loving the hair adorned with a single white gardenia. Brava!

P.S. Mo’Nique revealed this morning on The Steve Harvey Morning Show that her royal blue gown and white gardenia were in tribute to Academy Award Winner Hattie McDaniel, the first African-American performer to an Oscar. McDaniel wore a similar royal blue gown and flower to accept her award in 1940 for her supporting role in Gone with the Wind. Mo’Nique also revealed that she owns the rights to McDaniel’s story. HOT!

Socialite, Entreprenuer, and Reality TV Star Nicole Ritchie walked the red carpet, but I think her eye makeup is too heavy for her especially since she went sans blush. Hmm…

Cover Girl Queen Latifah hit the red carpet in a gorgeous smoky eye that played a beautiful contrast against her dainty lilac gown. Definite Hot! for the New Jersey native.

Songbird and Precious co-star Mariah Carey looked perfect in peach and pink tones. While we may have constant issues with her looks from the neck down, from the neck up Mrs. Nick Cannon almost always gets it right. Hot!

Ready to drop her new movie (and probably a new album, too) next month, Jennifer Lopez looked like the J. Lo I know with this perfectly applied soft smoky purple eye and pink lip combo. Her skin looks amazing, too. Hot!

Though she didn’t bring home the Oscar, actress Gabourey Sidibe certainly looked like she was having a great time, didn’t she?

While I like The Princess and the Frog star Anika Noni Rose‘s makeup, I’m at a crossroads with this pageant hair again. She’s too fab for this!

And last we have Avatar star Zoe Saldana with skin that looks like she has an internal light bulb on. I love the dark brown shadow and peachy-pink blush. Hot!

If you were able to make it through the nearly four hour show, what were some of your favorite highlights? And what did you think of the red carpet looks?




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