If you have’t noticed by now, we have somewhat of an undying love for all things Destiny’s Child related. From the hairstyles to the red carpet outfits, we’ve been with Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle since the beginning. Without one person in particular, though, the hairstyles and matching outfits would never have graced a magazine, since she was the one creating and sewing looks for DC3 before designers sought to dress them.  Today, we pay homage to the elegant and talented matriarch, Tina Knowles-Lawson.

The hazel-eyed beauty was once the owner and hairstylist of her own salon in Houston, Texas, Headliners. This probably explains why looking as amazing as she does is so paramount.  Typically seen sporting her golden locks, whether straight or full of curls…

…she’s been bitten by the brunette bug before, and dark colored hair does her so much justice.

As for makeup, Mrs. Lawson doesn’t need much. A little mascara and her signature red lip is usually all that’s required.

But every now and then she likes to keep things a little pared down with nudes to frame her pout.


These days, we live vicariously through her Instagram page (@mstinalawson) as one of her 1.1 million followers, while she vacations, shares pictures of her beautiful children and grandkids, and shares her corny joke of the day. As corny as they may be, she simply lives to bring light to those who love her. 

 So here’s to Mrs. Lawson!  We love her spirit, her work ethic, and how much of an example she and her daughters set for mothers and black women in general. 

For more, spy our gallery above!

What say you?