We’ve watched this superstar blossom in front of our eyes as she danced and crooned as a member of the highest selling girl group of all time, Destiny’s Child. And now, at the age of 36, she looks like she hasn’t aged a day. We all know Kelly Rowland for her amazing voice and killer style. But today, we’re highlighting the “Godiva Goddess’s” beauty. 
Kelly’s skin serves as the perfect canvas for any makeup artist because it’s astoundingly smooth and clear. 
And because of that, she has the perfect complexion for playing with a bit of color. Kelly loved lining her eyes with eyeliner in shades of shimmering greens and blues. And her lips are the perfect hosts for vibrant shades like pinks and deep reds. 

 But these days, less is more for Miss Rowland. Deep earthy tones for her eyeshadow compliment her dark brown, almond shaped eyes. As for her lips, Kelly loves nudes and light glosses to accentuate her gorgeous smile. And is it me, or does she always have an enviable, golden glow?

But the gorgeousness doesn’t stop there. Kelly has always experimented with ways to update her look, and she always gets it right. From her iconic pixie cut laden with red streaks throughout, to bangs and even the curliest of afros a la Diana Ross, Kelly has really done it all. 



As of late, dainty braids, sleek ponytails, and fierce bobs are on the menu for her as she continues to slay hairstyle after hairstyle. And what’s more, her hair never overpowers her look, despite how often she switches things up.


We’re just amazed that she finds the time to get glammed up. Grammy award winning singer/songwriter, actress, spokesperson, co-judge of The Voice Australia, wife, mother to adorable tot, Titan, and most recently author of the new book Whoa Baby!, is there anything the former Destiny’s Child member can’t do?

Yeah, Kelly, we’re pretty speechless ourselves.

Here’s to this week’s pick, Kelly Rowland, who has always maintained an astounding level of grace, humility, confidence, and an inspiration for little black girls the world over who’ve identified with her from DC3 days.

For more of our favorite beauty pics of Kelly Rowland, spy our gallery above!

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