If you’ve been placed in an awkward, sometimes harrowing, situation at some point in your life, and believe me, we all have, this week’s beauty crush can more than likely relate.  Having to navigate life through a slew of insufferable coworkers to relationships filled with an overwhelming amount of uncertainty, Issa Rae has become a voice for women of color who have encountered situations like these, while injecting almost lethal doses of humor and sobering reality checks in her HBO comedy series Insecure, YouTube web-series Awkward Black Girl, and her New York Times bestseller The Misadventures  Awkward Black Girl.  But upon further glances, this beauty has little to nothing to be insecure about.
Her skin glows like her effulgent personality.  With nary a flaw, her chestnut complexion is the perfect canvas for lots of experimentation with make up.  Rae adores a good smokey-eye to enhance her almond shaped eyes.  Her eyebrows, always beautifully sculpted and arched.  For lips, she tends to stick to earthy tones like nudes, browns and cocoas, though she can spice up her look every now and then with a deep red lip.

 As for her hair, this naturalista embraces her curls and kinks, and loves showcasing them.  Whether braided, pinned-up, or pompadoured, Rae definitely has an affinity for trying different looks while being authentic to her true self.
  And can we talk about this smile?  She beams constantly from ear to ear, showing off her pearly whites.  And with the success Insecure has had after its first season, we can understand why.
Here’s to this week’s beauty crush, Issa Rae.  Her willingness to forgo a career in business or law and to pursue her dream of filling the gap in entertainment for women of color to be seen as intelligent and relatable in media has us singing her praises.  In short, “issa celebration” for this writer, producer, actress and author as 2017 is panning out to be an exciting year with all the buzz surrounding her.  We just can’t wait to see how she’ll have us splitting our side with laughter next.

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