We’ve all fallen head over heels for this week’s beauty crush since the first episode of Scandal, fawning over Olivia Pope’s sickening fall coats to brave the D.C. weather, perfectly tailored power suits and Prada bags. Just as stylish (though not as scandalous) as her character, Kerry Washington delivers on the red carpet.  The Bronx native stuns in gorgeous gowns, elevated by beautiful hairstyles and makeup that’s never heavily contoured.  And with skin as velvety as hers, she barely needs any coverage, as evidenced by her most recent shoot with Allure MagazineAs far as glam goes, Washington always aims for a flawless and effortless finish.  Her foundation is usually as natural looking as can be, punctuated with pops of color on the eyelids and touches of pink on the cheeks.

When it comes to Washington’s pout, she typically stays within the pink and red family whenever she reaches for a shade.  With lips as full as hers, classic hues work best to emphasize her timeless essence.
  Though we all live and breathe for Olivia Pope’s iconic side-swooped bob, Washington likes to  mix it up every once in a while.  Bangs, ponytails, flirty curls and even a fishtail braid, she loves elevating her red carpet looks with gorgeous hairdos.
 Her stunning beauty aside, Washington strives to be more than just a gorgeous face.  An accomplished actress, feminist and activist, she continuously exceeds expectations, not only in the realm of fashion and beauty.  Using her celebrity to bring awareness to social issues proves how dynamic a woman she is, and for that, we tip our hats to her. For more of Kerry Washington, spy our favorite glam pics of her in the gallery above!

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