When we think of iconic supermodels, the names Naomi, Christy, Linda, and Tyra ring a few bells.  Not that any of the aforementioned have lost this coveted title, but there’s a new era upon us.  And in this era, one of the girls who can undoubtedly add “iconic” to her résumé is this week’s beauty crush, Jourdan Dunn.  The Londoner walked an incredible 75 shows during her first ever season after being signed to leading UK agency Storm, and since then, her rise to stardom has been an astronomical one.  One of Burberry’s mainstays, one of the faces of Maybelline cosmetics, the first black girl to walk for Prada since 1997 (Campbell being the first ever), it’s no wonder she was, and still is on everyone’s radar, including us.  The list of achievements go on and on for the supermodel, and she looks gorgeous while tackling each feat.
First thing’s first.  Jourdan Dunn is gorgeous.  So much so, she barely needs a touch of makeup to look flawless.

But when this beauty gets glammed up, she goes for subtlety with doses of impact.  If she’s rocking little to no eyeshadow, chances are she’s sporting a bold lip.  A brooding red like Maybelline’s “Divine Wine” adds that necessary punch, but still showcases a classic look.  For coverage, Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse Foundation is her go to for coverage that’s hydrating and goes on evenly.
  As for her eyes, when Jourdan goes for the dramatic, more is more when it comes to a smokey eye. Black and gray shades accentuate her almond-shaped eyes, transforming an ordinary stare into a smoldering gaze.
 At the advice of her hairstylist, Dunn began wearing wigs as a means of maintaining her natural hair’s durability. And believe me when I say she seems to have a wig for every mood. From long and cascading to ooze sex appeal…

…to curly and voluminous to externalize her inner diva…

 …to short, sleek bobs for a sassy yet sophisticated vibe, seems to me like she’s amassed quite a formidable wig collection.
Besides being stunningly gorgeous, slaying catwalk after catwalk with her signature strut, and serving looks on the red carpet, Dunn can definitely. Most recently, she teamed up with retail giant MissGuided to create her own line of athleisure apparel: Londunn.
  So, here’s to Jourdan Dunn for consistantly championing the cause for more diversity on the runways and for being an inspiration to many young black girls who aspire to follow in her footsteps.For more, spy our gallery above!

What say you to this week’s beauty crush?