Hailing all the way from The UK, this week’s beauty crush is one of England’s latest pop sensations. Working with Wiz Khalifa and most recently, Ty Dolla $ign on her new single “Ego”, Ella Eyre is on it. Aside from touring all over Europe, the singer finds the time for glam, and always hits the mark.
Ella loves to make her eyes pop, but not with eyeshadow. Colored, winged eyeliner is her go-to for kicking up her look a notch. She even amps things up by incorporating cute designs.

As for lips, when she’s not working a nude…
  …she exudes a certain timelessness with a matte crimson shade.
  But Ella loves a deep plum on occasion to vamp it up a little.
 With a voice as big as Ella’s, she has the hair to match. No question. Her signature voluminous ombré curls, when untamed and free, seem to defy gravity. Light and full of bounce. But just like any girl, she loves a good ponytail…or two.
  With a host of infectious songs and music videos to match, there’s no need to wonder why she’s on the radar.  Ella Eyre is the girl next door with a double dose of flair. Self assured and always positive, her outer beauty definitely mirrors the person she is on the inside.
So here’s to this week’s beauty crush, Ella Eyre!  For more, spy our gallery above.


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