Bold, buxom and beautiful, this supermodel has caused a cataclysmic shift in the fashion world of waif thin girls.  Blazing the catwalks with her sexy stride to coaching and grooming aspiring models as a judge on the reboot of America’s Next Top Model, Ashley Graham has us all wanting to know more, especially how she manages to look so flawless all the time.

The gorgeous brunette loves to show off her cascading mane, often worn out and full of loose curls and bounce.  

But who doesn’t love a good ponytail every now and then, especially when your bone structure is as amazing as hers?

As for makeup, Ashley usually highlights her beautifully tanned skin with natural looks.  Subtle eye-shadow and nude lips are her niche.  But when she vamps it up…

 …she adores a good smokey-eye or a brooding red shade to accentuate her full lips.


Obvious pulchritude aside, Ashley has been slaying the game for years, but after her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2016 cover, she became one of the driving forces behind the conversation of diversity in fashion and of curvier women needing to own their sexiness and confidence.  And with her countless lingerie shoots and swimsuit line, it’s safe to say she’s owning hers.

 So here’s to you, Ashley Graham!  An advocate for body positivity and a woman who isn’t afraid to stand confidently in her curves without being defined by any beauty standards but her own.  

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