Hey Beauties!
For Beauty Tuesday, Erin from dope blog Scandalous Beauty is blessing us again with an informative post! Today she tells us about MAC makeup must haves that aren’t as popular as the most traditional shades. Enjoy!
As an online beauty editor and makeup connoisseur, it saddens me to see the beauty cycle that we go through.

You know what I’m referring to: Women of Color wearing browns, golds and beiges! We get to the MAC counter and walk away with Oh Baby Lipglass, Chestnut Lip Liner, Bronze Eye Shadow, Raizin Blush, or another “classic” shade.  In true Carrie Bradshaw form, I have to ask myself: “Why do we always stick to the same neutral colors?” I’ve heard it all before, brown women should wear natural colors, dark women can’t wear bright shades, the list goes on and on. Truth be told, there’s nothing that any of us can’t wear. In fact, I’m a firm believer that the darker you are, the more color that you can successfully rock! Here are a few shades that you may have never thought to try at the MAC Counter!


Love Nectar Lusterglass ($14):

Love Nectar Lustreglass

I truly believe that this bronzy pink gloss should be a staple in everyone’s makeup bag. One swipe gives you a virtually clear lip, but three to four applications will keep lips fabulous. By the way, don’t “smack” or “rub” your lips together after you put gloss on. You may think your are blending it, but you’re really just wiping it away!

Sweetie Lipstick ($14):


Want to wear the soft pink lip used by celebrity make-up artists? Sweetie is a great choice. The color is easy enough to wear that you don’t even need a lipliner. Sure, Fall is supposed to be all about dark lips, but this shade of pink never goes out of season. Try adding Pinkarat lusterglass on top, it’s gorgeous!

Beautiful Iris Eyeshadow ($14.50):


This is my favorite eye shadow for making the face look brighter and fresher. This pastel shade of purple does wonders for every complexion. Don’t let the shade in the container scare you, it looks absolutely stunning on the eyes.

Plum Foolery Blush ($18.50):


This plummy blush adds just the hint of color to delicately complement the face. The sheen isn’t overbearing, and although it has a bit of a mauve hue, it’s looks great with almost any look. Definitely a must have.

Inky Liquidlast Eye Liners ($16.50):

MAC INky Liquid Fast Eyeliners

Liquid liner is always a chic choice for a woman, but these are best I’ve found in a while. Not only are the colors intense, they can last for days if you don’t remove them with an oil based remover. I recommend Inky, a beautiful navy shade that’s the perfect alternative to black.

Great tips, Erin!
Have you guys discovered unconventional shades that work well for you?

*PS Watch Erin talk about her Fave MAC Shades in this Youtube Video.