Hey Ladies,

Bath and Body Works is now a place where you can get the same scents as designer brands for a fraction of the cost.  Their new Signature Collection comes in over 20 exclusive fragrances so you can outfit your every mood with a distinct scent.


Not sure which one is for you?  They make it easy for you to find YOUR signature scent among 4 categories, The Romantics, The Freshes, The Cuddlers and The Sexys, with this super cute widget that lets you post to Facebook and Myspace.  The collection ranges from $10 – 27. Check it out! www.bbwfindyourfragrance.com


4 thoughts on “Beauty Bomb: What’s YOUR Signature Scent?”

  1. Crushed Pineapple has been my favorite since I was 8 but sadly I think they stopped producing it =/. Japanese Cherry Blossom is currently in my bag. The Country Apple, Pearberry and the Mango Mandarin scents are other favorites.

  2. i love their brown sugar and fig scent. i think its fits me perfectly but now i have to resort to buying it online because the store dont sell it anymore.

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