Hey Bombers!

Eileen here with some info straight from Mariel Haenn, Rihanna’s stylist, about this season’s greatest accessory…a lacquered RED lip!  I interviewed her a few days ago, and she maintains that red lips are “very chic!

Angela Simmons at Monarchy

Red lips will give your outfit that extra little umph it needs.
Pair a red lip with a cat eye like Angela Simmons for a fierce, strong look!

Check out some of these great options:


4 thoughts on “Beauty Bomb: Red Lips are Fall’s Must Have Accessory!”

  1. Last month I bought two red lip sticks from Chanel. One is Russet Moon and the other is Vamp. Very pigmented and pretty. The perfect red lip.

  2. Too bad for me my complexion is too dark for red lips :( I’m maybe one shade lighter then Gabriel Union and in my oppinion red lips do not look good on me.

  3. Trust me there is a shade of red for everyone, you just have to find yours. Ask a M.A.C. consultant to help you.

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