By Limsan Boulter (@limo_x) for Fashion Bomb Daily

The beauty industry have made leaps and bounds in technologies for skincare. Facial peels, microdermabrasion and light therapy are all go-to treatments for many beauty junkies. But sometimes, you just got to listen to your momma and use tried and true methods of skincare.


As we know, crystals have been having a bit of a moment in spiritual and wellness circles. Gwyneth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr, Victoria Beckham have all been known to be advocators of crystals. Crystal use in beauty is nothing new, Jade face rollers have been recorded all the way back to seventh century China rumoured to have been favoured by royalty.


So why is everyone so obsessed with them and what are they supposed to do?

The action of face rollers are known to reduce puffiness through the promotion of lymphatic drainage, as well as smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Increased blood circulation leads to your skin releasing toxins, improving your skins’ brightness. Through all this, regular use of crystal face rollers can improve skin tone and elasticity also.

Your crystal face rollers are best used with your serums or face oils. Remember to massage in an upwards direction following the contours of your face, under eyes and neck. You can gently warm up your roller by placing it in warm water or for extra de-puffing (and tightened pores) action, keep your roller in the fridge for a cooling effect.

Beauty-bomb-product-of-the-day-crystal-facial-rollers 2
The left image shows the best method when using the roller. The right image shows what not to do. Photo by @thebeautyeffect

There are many different types of crystals used as face rollers. Most popular are jade and rose quartz rollers but there are also options made from amethyst and opalite.


Where can you get yours?

There is a wide variety of crystal face rollers on the market these days ranging from under $10 to $65.

Favourites include:


Skin Gym – Jade 2D Texturized and Smooth Facial Roller $38


Angela Caglia – La Vie En Rose Face Roller in Rose Gold Finish $65


Herbivore Botanicals – Rose Quartz Facial Roller $40

Will you be trying the crystal roller trend? What kind of results have you had with face rollers? Let us know in the comments below.