Halle Berry stole the show at the 2017 Met Gala, sizzling in a showstopping Atelier Versace gown that oozed glamour and sexiness. Her hair was a perfect complement to her look—ethereal and pared-down to let her dress and natural beauty shine through. For the evening, stylist Castillo Bataille played with her natural texture, pulling her hair back to create balance with the drama of her gown’s train. Here, all the steps to get her stunning hair:

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1. Enhance your natural texture by washing your hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner like this one from MarulaOil.

2. Make your style last all night long by using a primer on your damp tresses. Distribute it evenly throughout using a detangling brush.

3. Dry your hair with a diffuser to build volume and increase texture. If you’re towing the line between 3C and 4A like myself, then you’ll most likely want to skip this step!

4. Part your hair in the center and divide each side into two sections: one in the front and one in the back. Use the top of your ear as your guideline for the middle part.

5. If you went the diffuser route, you should now create effortless bends and waves throughout your hair by alternating between a smoothing iron and 1″ to 1.25″ curling wands.

6. Brush through your waves and curls, pulling them back into a low pony tail using a brush with boar-like bristles. Secure it all with an elastic.

7. Back comb your ponytail and spray it with flexible hold hairspray, before rolling your pony into an S-shape and pinning it in place.

8. Complete your look with an ornate headband and secure it in place with more pins and hairspray.

Thoughts on Halle’s hair for the evening?