We have another Beauty Bomb from Danielle, the Style and Beauty Doctor!

She gives you MAC devotees the 411 on how to choose the best MAC eyeshadows for your skin tone. Read on for tips!


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MAC Eyeshadows have had a cult following ever since the brand emerged in the 1980s. A visit to the MAC counter or store (or if you live close to one, the PRO store *gasp*) leaves even the most conservative wild with awe at all the drool-worthy shades of eye shadows in 132 colors. What I love most about MAC is that I can walk in there with a posse of multi-cultural hotties and all of us can walk out with makeup to suit our varying skin tones. I also love the pigments and color payoff I get from their eye shadows and the fact that when compared to other department store brands, I don’t have to sell off my firstborn child to be able to afford it.

Now let’s get into some eyeshadow fun…

The Style and Beauty Doctor’s Quick Eyeshadow Tips:
1. Use an eyeshadow base (I love MAC Paints and Urban Decay Primer Potion) to make sure your eyeshadow shows up as vivid as it looks in its case and so that it lasts all day. Use a base (like MAC Paints or Paint Pot) in a shade closest to your skin tone for everyday eye looks. Use one close to your eyeshadow color for some serious color-payoff.

2. Don’t be scared of matte eyeshadows—although they may not catch your eye as quickly as their shimmery cousins, they help to define and shape the eyes. Plus they look great in the crease and they’re perfect for a maturing eye.

3. Speaking of shimmer, go easy on it if you’re having your photo taken. While pretty in person, shimmer can sometimes read as “greasy” in a photo.

4. Don’t forget you need a highlight shade. A highlight shade is either a very light gold or silver eyeshadow applied under the brow bone. You can also use an eyeshadow 2-3 shades lighter than your skintone as a highlighter. The point of the highlight is to help frame the eye and finish your eye look. Avoid using a single wash of a non-neutral color that extends all the way to the brow bone or risk looking like a makeup amateur.

Find the celeb pictured below whose skin tone is closest to yours. I’ve listed a few shade suggestions under each picture. Keep in mind that you can wear any hue, but it must be in agreement with your undertone and intensity (bright or muted). To make sense of undertones, check out Foundation 101.

Use this guide to take away some of the anxiety you can feel from looking at the over 132 colors in MAC’s collection.


Daytime: Soft Brown, Charcoal Brown, Grain, Bamboo, Bronze
Evening/for fun: Expensive Pink, Da Bling, Twinks, Parfait Amour, Shimmermoss, Amber Lights

Tyra Banks

Daytime: Charcoal Brown, Wedge, Woodwinked, Cork, Tempting, Bamboo
Evening/for fun: Hepcat, Parfait Amour, Amber Lights, Steamy, Humid

Nia Long

Daytime: Sable, Espresso, Twinks, Satin Taupe, Handwritten, Mulch
Evening/for fun: Beauty Marked, Contrast, Purple Haze, Nocturnelle, Humid

Kelly Rowland

Daytime: Twinks, Soft Brown, Corduroy, Swiss Chocolate, Mulch
Evening/for fun: Knight Devine, Purple Haze, Star Violet, Humid, Nocturnelle, Contrast, Beauty Marked

Alek Wek

Jennifer Lopez

Rosario Dawson

Daytime: Omega, Soba, Wedge, Charcoal Brown, Arena, Cork, Romp
Evening/for fun: Sable, Beauty Marked, Nocturnelle, Bronze, Sumptuous Olive, Humid, Hepcat, Nocturnelle, Plum Dressing, Cranberry

Zhang Ziyi

Daytime: Orb, Malt, Vanilla, Grain, Omega
Evening/for fun: Crystal Avalance, Knight Devine, Black Tied, Beauty Marked, Silver Ring, Electra, Idol Eyes

Lucy Liu

Daytime: Orb, Malt, Vanilla, Grain, Omega, Soft Brown
Evening/for fun: Mystery, Parfait Amour, Shadowy Lady, Print, Purple Haze, Contrast

Freida Pinto

Daytime: Soft Brown, Bamboo, Charcoal Brown, Era, Cork, Soba
Evening/for fun: Nocturnelle, Hepcat, Cranberry, Stars N’ Rockets, Sushi Flower, Beauty Marked, Naval, Purple Haze

Lakshmi Menon

Daytime: Charcoal Brown, Soft Brown, Mystery, Grain, Soba, Bamboo, Bronze
Evening/for fun: Hepcat, Cranberry, Parfait Amour, Nehru, Plumage, Sketch, Blackberry

Wow, here I am thinking all you need is Amber Lights and Honeylust!
What are some of your fave MAC Eyeshadows?