We can always count on The Blonds to give us glamour and the most fierce looks! This season, they were inspired by Tom Cruise’s upcoming film, The Mummy, as well as being influenced by Russian-born French artist Erté who worked for Paul Poiret and designed covers for Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and countless others.

Kien Hoang was responsible for the hair, which was a futuristic side twist, molded towards the front in snake-like shapes—a modern-day Medusa if you will. We’re totally saving this for Halloween: it will probably take us that long to master it anyway. Here, all the tips to get the statement-making look.

1. Apply a thickening spray at the roots before combing your hair over the crown to one side.

2. Gather your hair at the nape on the right side of your head, twist it up into a ponytail, then pin.

3. Pull the ends of your hair from the ponytail forward, toward your face.

4. Sculpt the ends with a holding gel and create “snake-shaped waves” that frame the front of your head and the sides of your face for a three-dimensional look.

5. Finish with some strong hairspray and some shine mist for hold and a sleek look.

Thoughts on the hair at The Blonds?

Images: Lisa Richov and Getty