The time has come to take swimsuits and bikinis out of the closet, as well as to take a look at the trends in swimwear, which are full of color and with designs for all tastes. Although like every year, our small complexes also concern us again.

If until recently the bikini was the king of summer outfits, the swimsuit seems to have been gaining ground little by little, in recent seasons, and has more and more followers. The truth is that each has its advantages. While the former is more youthful and practical when sunbathing, the latter is presented as the most comfortable option for swimming and offers a stylized view of the figure.

Thanks to the variety of models that we have within our reach and in order to choose the swimsuit that best suits us, Banana Moon provide us each style and helps us find our perfect ally to show off our figure this summer.

The Swimsuit

In recent seasons, the swimsuit has made a strong comeback. In addition, it is perfect to hide some parts of the body and stylize the figure.

If you have small chests and nice shoulders, don’t hesitate; opt for strapless swimsuits to show off your style on the beach or in the pool. Also for those who nature has not endowed them with a voluminous chest are the “V” necklines, although in this case, they are also a winning bet for women with generous chests, as they stylize.


Bikinis are a garment that favors young women more than those who have reached maturity, since they leave a lot of skin exposed and, regardless of whom they weigh, the smoothness and firmness of youth is not the same at 20 as it is at 50. 

However, it is the most seen on beaches and swimming pools, so we have many models and shapes available. The bikini favors all types of bodies, although it is necessary to take into account some details to choose the design with which to get the most out of it:

Little Chest?

The bikini in general favors tall and thin people, stylized, although due to the large number of cuts available in the market, today almost all women can wear them.

Those who think they have small chests will try to acquire tops with padding or a halter neck with a wide bow, which raises the chest area, creating the visual effect of greater voluptuousness. Those made of cotton increase the size.

They will flee from plain bikinis, in dark tones or in the shape of a triangle, which do less and which, however, will become the perfect allies for women who think they have too much bust.

Big Chest?

Busty women will wear bikinis with the top separated by a grommet, so that the two breasts are separated, they appear smaller, and swimsuits with a V-neckline or square neckline.

  • Triangle neckline: favors women with a lot of breasts and slims the figure much more, it is also very youthful.
  • Bandeau neckline: ideal to avoid sun marks. If you have little chest, it is perfect to use it with “foam” or “push up” to accentuate it, also with ruffles or fringes, fantastic to add volume. Wearing a smaller size than usual will help achieve a perfect fit and enhancement.
  • Push-up neckline: ideal if you have a small chest or want to highlight it to show off a very sexy neckline.
  • Wide strap panties: perfect for concealing wide hips. If this is your case, do not wear them with decorations, bows or knotted on the sides, as it would create the opposite effect, widening the hips. He also prefers plain colored models.
  • Knickers with a bow: they hide the wide backs phenomenally and they stylize the short ones a lot. In addition, they add volume to narrow hips.

Straight Body

Women with a straight body should wear all kinds of accessories that create false optical sensations, such as skirts with ruffles, ruffles, shorts, like those worn in the 50s, and that the iconic Marilyn Monroe made so fashionable.

They will also choose swimsuits and bikinis that boast prints, horizontal stripes, dots, and fabrics that imitate animal skins, such as leopard, panther or snake.

On the other hand, they will play with the shapes of the back, neckline and hips, so the trikinis, a hybrid between the swimsuit and the bikini, will greatly favor them. They will never wear full-length bathing suits or swimsuits with a racer back.

Women With A Lot Of Hips

If, on the other hand, like the movie divas of the golden years, your problem is the opposite and your curves surpass you, you should be able to divert attention to the upper part.

You will never use parts below a skirt or shorts, for you they will be totally prohibited. In addition, you will try to wear tops that are not very large, never high-waisted and yes, with fine bows, nor very small. Do not use belts or brooches, in general any type of adornment that draws attention to that area.

For Wide Women In General

They will never use loose fabrics, such as cotton, viscose or foam. They will love lycra, black, one piece swimsuits and will prefer large sizes to cramming into a smaller size just for the sake of thinking about the size number.

In addition, they will avoid unnecessary prints and decorations, opting for minimalist models that stylize their figure, in plain colors and with straight cuts.