Everyone fondly remembers their childhood birthday parties filled with brightly coloured balloons tied up with colourful ribbons. Many people believe that balloons are only suitable for kids parties, but that’s simply not true. Today’s high-quality balloons make decorating with balloons is easier than you think. Qualatex balloons are made from 100% latex — not plastic – and offer sophisticated decorating options to match your party’s theme and mood. Here are a few decorating ideas to spark your imagination 

Easy centrepieces 

No table is complete without a centrepiece, but gone are the days when fussy flower arrangements and complicated accessories blocked your view of the guests sitting across the table from you. A simple and impactful table arrangement is a cluster of colourful chrome balloons tied together with a simple colour-coordinated “happy birthday “ or “congratulations” card perched card atop the arrangement. 

  • If you are hosting a wine tasting or wine and cheese party, pick purple or pale green balloon clusters and accessorize with a few silk leaves on top and tendrils of green curling ribbon for the look of a bunch of grapes

Memorable photo backdrops 

Everyone loves taking photos at parties, so why not provide your guests with a showstopper backdrop where they can pose for photos? Your first step to your creation is to buy chrome balloons wholesale (gointernational.co.uk has a great selection of Qualatex balloons wholesale) and removable glue dots. Here’s how to build a simple backdrop with balloons in your party theme colours:

  • It’s possible to affix your balloons directly to the wall. If you aren’t keen on sticking balloons to walls, find a sturdy piece of oversized poster board. To allow for full-length photos, cover the wall floor to ceiling or use poster boards approximately 7 feet wide and 8 feet high. 
  • Begin by inflating all your balloons. A balloon pump is recommended for this. A balloon pump typically inflates 70-80 balloons an hour.
  • Start mounting the balloons on your wall. Place a removable Glue Dot on one side of the balloon, peel away the backing, and stick it to the wall. 

Decorator’s tip: A monochromatic look is simple and sophisticated. Using two complementary colours is playful and fun. 

Why Qualatex?

All balloons are not created equal. Balloons from the supermarket may be fine for kids parties, but a sophisticated affair calls for sophisticated balloons. Qualatex chrome balloons offer a sleek, metallic shine unsurpassed by ordinary party balloons. Their rich radiant glow will add glamour and shine to your party decor. 

  • Did you know that latex balloons are biodegradable and photodegradable? 

Take Away 

Whether you’re hosting an elegant cocktail party, celebrating an anniversary or a milestone birthday, balloon decorations will make your occasion memorable. Chrome latex balloons provide superior quality and a lustrous sheen to add glamour and elegance to your party. You can find a variety of stunning coloured chrome balloons wholesale at gointernational.com for every occasion. Whether you are using them as centrepieces, photo props or party favours, chrome Qualatex balloons will turn your next special occasion into an extra special occasion.