Balenciaga is one of the most famous Spanish luxury fashion houses loved by people of all generations across the world. Named after the founder, Cristoball, Balenciaga, the brand quickly became famous for the no-compromise philosophy that earned them a reputation among other top luxury houses. At one point, Christian Dior, which is another world-famous fashion house, referred to Balenciaga as the “true master” of all fashion houses. Here is a brief overview of the Balenciaga fashion house, including their trademark offer and merits.

The collection

Balenciaga is known for its bubble skirts and odd fashionable designs for women silhouettes. However, the Spanish luxury fashion house has an extensive collection beyond its trademarks. The first Balenciaga shop was set up in San Sebastian in 1917 and later in Barcelona and Madrid. Since then, Balenciaga has evolved to provide various categories of luxury fashion wear for men, women and children. Some of the popular offers by Balenciaga include:

  1. Accessories

From shiny Croco-effect leather belts to mini leather purses, sunglasses, cardholders, shopping bags and more, Balenciaga has a defined range of premium grade leather and fashion accessories for women and men. Their belts, purses and sunglasses are favorites for many icons, especially in pop culture.

  1. Bags

Balenciaga bags are very distinct and you can immediately tell them apart from other fashion houses. Interestingly, the house offers a wide variety of luxury fashion bags, including shoulder bags, cross body bags, leather bucket bags, hourglass, purse with chain, camera bags and more. Popular buys include their classic city S shoulder bag and versatile B-style leather bags, although Balenciaga has numerous designs, having existed for over a millennium.

  1. Ready-to-wear

From the fancy food program shirt to pleated skirts, mini dresses, woolen jackets and stretch trousers, Balenciaga has a reserved variety of culture-rich and community-inspired ready-to-wear. You can order Balenciaga shirts and t-shirts, bottoms, jeans, pants, dresses, hoodie, night leggings, jackets and more. Their designs are simple and minimalistic yet sophisticated with a stunning choice of color, material, patterns and other intricate design elements.

  1. Shoes

Balenciaga is famous for their shoes, especially their sneakers and trainers, which always make it to all lists of the coolest sneakers to wear. In the popular culture, Balenciaga sneakers and shoes are coveted and praised for their unique, innovative combination of style and comfort in creating unusual, modernistic shoe designs perfect for showcasing in runways. Balenciaga also offers trendy stilettos, sandals, ankle boots, mules, slingbacks and more. The brand has some of the most purchased luxury shoes in the market.

Why choose Balenciaga?

If you are looking for an authentic luxury fashion brand to add to your collection of designer apparel, Balenciaga is one of the names hard to miss.  The brand boasts exaltation from other famous fashion houses as the true master of fashion designs. Most protégés of Balenciaga have gone to become successful designers with a global reputation. One notable brand is Givenchy, founded by Hubert Givenchy, a former protégé of Cristoball Balenciaga. Other noteworthy designers include Emanuel Ungaro, Andre Courreges and Oscar de la Renta. However, the true merits of choosing Balenciaga include:

  • Authentic brand

Balenciaga is known for battling with the press as well as going against chamber rules and guidelines. Balenciaga never had an interest in press coverage and media that consumers did not know about. They would also submit their designs very late, leaving no time for other famous brands to clone or steal their unique work. On that philosophy, Balenciaga was built around prioritizing the quality and authenticity of the design above everything else. Balenciaga runners and trainers have received remarkable reception as some of the best luxury sports shoes and their handbags continue to dominate the movie and actress runways.

  • Trendy modern fashion wear

Balenciaga fashion wear is stylish in the modern world and people from all over the world that can afford reasonably expensive apparel. For artists and musicians to actors, sports and media personalities, famous icons and rich folks, Balenciaga presents a unique addition to your outfits and fashion choices. Their sheer amount of creativity and innovation embroidered in designing their shoes and ready-to-wear is stunning, which is why people of all generations love Balenciaga. The collections are also exclusive.

  • World-famous luxury brands

There are several luxury brands available for those seeking premium grade fashion wear and accessories. However, whenever the top luxury brands are mentioned, Balenciaga is one of the names that easily make any top five list. It is vested in the sports culture and has several designs tailored for sports, fitness and activity enthusiasts. As such, Balenciaga is one of the famous luxury brands among millennials and people of all ages. The fashion house also has a reputation of no compromise on design quality. If you are looking for an authentic fashion brand reputable for innovative luxury fashion wear, Balenciaga is one of the most recommendable houses. It also boasts a rich history and had several unique offers.


Balenciaga focuses on providing premium quality and authentic designer wear that exhibits remarkable creativity and innovation. The Spanish fashion house has earned global acclaim and is one of the most shouted brands by celebrities proud of their accomplishments. Whether you like their shoes or fancy the modernistic community-inspired dresses, there are several top-quality designs to suit your style.


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