So when I heard music impresario Pharrell was having an art exhibit at a Parisian gallery, I had to find it!
With a little sleuthwork, I discovered his exhibit was at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin:


…a small unassuming spot in the 3rd arrondissement. I quickly found his exhibit:
And it ended up just being one room with four chairs in vibrant colors:
According to the press release, “ The shape of the seat is inspired by the ‘Eames chair’, with two sets of legs: those of a man and those of a woman. Pharrell diverted examples of classical furniture and updated them with his vision of style with intense colors and sensual material.
So on top of his Billionnaire Boys Club and Ice Cream clothing lines as well as his Blason and Millionnaire jewelry and sunglasses collaborations with Louis Vuitton, Pharrell is also dipping his toe into the furniture realm.
I’ve always been more of an Ikea gal, but could see my tiny apartment singularly brightened up by this yellow chaise:
What do you think?
~Thanks Kim!
*Look, Kanye blogged about it too!