Hmm, I’m starting to think designers are just hating on Michelle to get publicity. Fashion veteran Arnold Scasi, who is famous for designing outfits for Barbara Streisand, Mamie Eisenhower, Jackie Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, and Laura Bush, had the following words to say about first lady and fashion icon Michelle Obama:


“She’s great looking, she has a great personality and she’s obviously very bright … But … something is amiss. Obviously, she doesn’t have the right advice at this moment. [She should] pick some designers and deal directly with them. As [the wife of] the head of the most important country in the world, you must dress at some points according to protocol…[but] you don’t have to be conventional.”

I’m rolling my eyes at these desperate cries for attention. Why can’t people strive for attention by doing great work instead of being negative and bashing?



7 thoughts on “Arnold Scasi Jumps on the Michelle Obama Bashwagon”

  1. These Michelle comments are getting ridiculous. I mean seriously. I have never heard of this Arnold person, nor do I care to hear more from him. I mean what do these designers think they’ll critize Michelle and she’ll come running to them for advice? Please. Go tell someone who cares.

    (the following statement is dripping with sarcasm) Oh yeah, and it makes sense that Michelle would choose people like Arnold to be her personal stylist considering the fact that he’s designed outfits for women she’s similar to like Barbara Streisand, Mamie Eisenhower, Jackie Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, and Laura Bush. Because we all know that these women have so much in common. Like they’re all…….and they’re all from…………and they all lived in…you know they have alot in common.

  2. I agree that comments on Michelle’s wardrobe are getting to be too much. She is her own woman, with her own style. Regardless of the occasion and anyone’s ideal of “protocol,” a woman has the right to wear what makes her feel comfortable. If Michelle was stuffed up in some stiff brocade suit a la Barbara or Hillary, she just would not be Michelle!

  3. Co-sign! I’m sure Michelle is reading all of this, shaking her head and saying, “Hi Haters!”. The woman is stunning, classy and incredibly stylish. I don’t think that by designers bashing her, she’s suddenly going to come out wearing one of their creations. If their goal is to get her wearing something of theirs (which I think is more beneficial to the designer than to dog the first lady), this ain’t the way to do it. Do better.
    You go Michelle!

  4. I don’t care what people say. I really think the first lady looks very smashing and sophisticated. Being tall, she can wear anything and still look great. So far, I have found her wardrobe just fits her well. Obviously, she knows excatly what to wear and how to wear it. She is very fashionable, and after all she is a woman.

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