6 thoughts on “Arlenis for Time’s Style & Design Magazine”

  1. she looks absolutely fierce as always… i just can’t help but be irked that africa is “in vogue” this season, like there’s one unchanging “african look”… then again, i’m african so that’s probably why this bothers me.

  2. Amaaazing! Must be a great time to be a fashion blogger of color. Seems like a lot to cover these days! Hope this is not just a passing trend…

  3. I agree with Puff. . .there is this unchanging look of “Africa!” right now in fashion. What does it mean if it is just a trend?

  4. I agree with the above comments. This spread is incredibly fierce but, I hope this is not just a trend or a ploy to get black readership b/c we spend money. Treat us as equal human beings.

  5. we need an artist to bring it there in an other dimension
    im afro european , i know a lot of stylist who did but
    the media need to help them

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