Heading out to your first ballroom dance? Turning heads doesn’t just depend on your skills and flexibility; you have to look great while performing as well. You should think of the way your clothing will integrate with your dance moves. If it doesn’t, then your performance might not be as spectacular as it could be. While picking your outfit is the last step, it is very crucial for the presentation of your performance. This guide will help you choose the best outfit for your ballroom dance:

All Eyes on You

If you’re a ballroom dancer, and it’s your first time performing in public, then you should know that all eyes will be on you and your dance partner, so you have to dress up for the part! Search for high-quality and vibrant-colored outfits. A female ballroom dancer, in particular, should be more careful when choosing her ballroom dress, as many factors can affect how comfortably you move, including the quality of the fabric and dress size. Also if the color of your dress is dull, you wouldn’t stand out as effectively, and your performance may not turn out the way you had imagined or had planned for.


While you’re not expected to contort on stage, you’re going to be moving your arms and legs to their maximum. Therefore, you should put these factors in mind as you shop for your dress or suit. Ballroom outfits are generally designed to be comfortable in a way that accommodates your movements, but it wouldn’t hurt to try to dance in your chosen outfit to make sure that it will help you move around on stage. That said, you should avoid super tight attires that would surely hinder your movements.

Choose the Right Dance Shoes

Here comes the most important part of your apparel. Your chosen pair of shoes should allow you to move around comfortably, as opposed to wearing something slippery or tight. Again, you will have to try moving around with the pair of shoes that you want to purchase. Naturally, your shoes shouldn’t be tight; instead, pick something that will fit like a glove. 

Ballroom heels, ballroom shoes, and jazz shoes are excellent when it comes to support and balance. Typically, dance shoes are much lighter than conventional alternatives to ease your mobility. The soles are made of suede, which is light and flexible. So that’s what you should look for when you buy one. Otherwise, you’re free to wear whatever style that will suit your dance performance.


For the ladies, however, deciding between open-toed and closed-toed heels can be a dilemma, but it is better for beginners to wear open-toed shoes, as they will allow you to tip-toe more easily if the performance requires it. However, the downside of heels, as usual, is pain and calluses, so if you are planning to wear these frequently, you should pay extra care to your foot care routine.

IMAGE SOURCE: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-and-man-dancing-under-light-2188012/

If you think about it, it’s not very hard to find an outfit that will help you with your first ballroom dance performance, so keep our tips in mind when choosing your next clothing and footwear, and you’ll surely notice easily you’ll hold your own in your very first dance. An excellent performance must always be complemented with an equally exceptional look.