It’s almost with sad irony that only a year after we wrote last year’s 10+ Black Owned Businesses You Can Support on #BlackonBlack Friday, shortly after the verdict of Mike Brown, we’re mourning the execution of Laquan McDonald. As always, we support and promote the patronage of black owned businesses as a show of economic force and that we, as People of Color, possess power that can effect change.

If you’ll be participating in #BlackonBlackFriday or #BoyCottBlackFriday again this year, here are ANOTHER 10 black owned businesses (many of which are personal favorites) you can look to instead:


  1. Naturally Perfect Dolls:Another10BlackOwnedBusiness It’s a wonderful time for our children to have dolls that reflect their hair textures and melanin. Naturally Perfect Dolls produces realistic dolls for People of Color, with a full head of 18 inch hair that can be washed, manipulate and styled like the hair straight from our roots.
  2. Lunaversoul Jewelry:Another10BlackOwnedBusinesses2 One of a kind jewelry decadent in silver and gold, Lunaversoul is an up-and-coming etsy shop with one of a kind accents for every jewelry lover.
  3. TonyWuu Collection:Another10BlackOwnedBusinesses3 Handmade accessories that cater to our fashionable men out there.
  4. Talley & Twine Watch Company:ANOTHER10BlackOwnedBusiness4 When is it time to make your mark? Talley & Twine Watch Company brings you effortless chic in watches that are one of a kind and unique. Who doesn’t need a good watch?
  5. Fanm Djanm:
     The literal translation means “strong woman”. Cover up those curly coifs with these African inspired head wraps, clothing and jewelry to celebrate strong women everywhere.
  6. Eden Body Works
    eden body works fashion bomb daily
    Want to accentuate your natural beauty? Try EDEN BodyWorks, made to provide natural products that “integrate wellness and are beauty inspired”.
  7. Cocotique: Another10BlackOwnedBusiness7Every time you turn around, there’s another beauty box subscription service. Cocotique specializes in products and brands that cater to women of color and diverse ethnicities.
  8. Legendary Rootz:Another10BlackOwnedBusiness8 Legendary Rootz creates clothing for men, women and children to promote Afrocentrism, unity and black pride.
  9. Zuvaa Marketplace:Another10BlackOwnedBusiness9The premier marketplace for African-inspired fashion and accessories. In need of some beautiful African prints for your next social gathering? Look no further.
  10. Vinti Couture:Another10BlackOwnedBusiness10 As you can see, we are a lover of accessories. Vinti Couture specializes in couture-like accessories. Best part? Now through November 27th, enjoy 45% off the site!

Of course, there are other places such as Dapper Black Box, Coloured Raine, and Earth’s Nectar that we will be supporting as well. #BlackonBlack just keeps going and going.

Check out our 10+ Black Owned Businesses Spotlight from last year and leave us a comment down below on some shops we need to know about!

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