Snakeskin or cheetah? Zebra and leopard.  The fashion industry’s obsession with animal print continues!  It’s pure animal magnetism.  The online Encyclopedia Britannica defines this to be “presumed intangible or a mysterious force that is said to influence human beings. The term was used by the German physician Franz Anton Mesmer to explain the hypnotic procedure that he used in the treatment of patients.”

No wonder the use of animal prints in fashion never dies. Check out the above adorable dress by @Jluxlabel. It is a timeless element in everyone’s wardrobe, and worn by young and old, male and female. Today the Fashion Bomb Daily team gives our amazing readers a quick lesson and fashion fix in this key trend, especially since it was one of the themes of “Convos with Claire” last year!  We are excited for this year’s events! Stay tuned to Fashion Bomb Daily for the upcoming schedule!

Now let’s talk our favorite up to date styles when it comes to animal patterns!!  Just go for it! Wear what you are most comfortable with and feel good in is a major fashion motto.  If you do not want to wear too much of the print, try a scarf or skinny belt, even add matching shoes or a purse.  Accessories in animal prints are probably the most popular for every day wear and are fine for business casual looks too.

The big movement this season is snakeskin in neutral hues and classic leopard or cheetah prints. Tiger print was also seen fabulous on the catwalk during New York Fashion Week @theblondsny fierce runway show. See the incredible stylish look from the show & the neutral snakeskin trend offered tastefully by The @JessicaRichCollection.

Of course other animal prints are still widely acceptable and worn with ease and flare such as zebra, giraffe, cow patterns and definitely alligator and crocodile. These prints are coming out strong in unusual but fun colors of pastels and even stand outs like bright red. Do not be intimidated by the use of color. Check out our amazing Queen Lala Anthony at NYFW last year in Stella McCartney.

Try it. Why not start with his fabulous dress below for spring featured exclusively by @Saisankoh. Fashion is fun, creative and always the best mood indicator; it should always enhance your look and your life! Happy Styling!