Angela Simmons is a boss.

If you are one of her 6 million followers on Instagram, you would see the levels to her grind. She gets up. She meets. She films. She boxes. She takes care of her adorable two year old son, Sutton Tennyson. She slays.

We all assume that after growing up with her and her family on TV with Run’s House, and watching her now as the star and executive producer of Growing up Hip Hop, that the 31-year-old Queens born Bombshell doesn’t really have to work. But she does. She says, “Nothing at all is handed to me. A lot of [people think], ‘Hey, because your uncle has, you have. Because your dad has, you have.’ It doesn’t work like that. I can’t make a phone call and be like, “Hey, wire me a couple million.’ I get up, I grind, I work, I do everything I need to do to be where I’m at, and I’ll continue to do that. From the outside in, people think that because I come from this Iconic Hip Hop Family, I have it easy. It doesn’t work like that. I work. I do what I do.”

What she has on tap: a new app called Purpose, a network focused on women empowerment. Built not Bought, a fitness initiative that offers workouts, tutorials, and nutrition programs so we can all aspire to slay the way she does in a swimsuit. And a new program called Pressure Makes Diamonds. She explains, “It’s one thing to go through something, it’s another to come through as something stronger. Life has taught me a lot. I’ve been through a lot. As long as you come through as that diamond instead of that coal, you’re great. That’s what I want to push to women. Don’t be afraid to talk about it. [Know that] you’re not alone. You’re not the only person going through it. “

In order to stay balanced, she leans heavily upon meditation, self help, and wise advice from her family.

The best piece of advice she’s received from her father, Reverend Run, “Do your best and forget the rest.” She adds, “My Dad is a great person to speak to, whenever you’re going through something. He always has pushed me [to be the best]. He’s a great positive influence.

The best piece of advice she’s received from her Uncle Russell Simmons? “Focus. Focus in on one thing versus doing many.”

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What about Kimora? “She’s always been fun to watch and a good influence all around.”

Angela is certainly an inspiration herself. But does she feel successful? She says, “When you’re younger, success is wealth. For me, being mentally wealthy is more important than anything. We see people lose their lives from not being healthy. We see people lose their lives from just not having the right mental health. Success for me is when you’re winning mentally and spiritually. Success is being overall just well.”

Indeed. Follow Angela on Instagram (if you’re not already) @AngelaSimmons and be sure to tune in not Growing up Hip Hop on We TV.

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