During the FB Intern Contest, candidate Jemise reported that GQ has already lauded Andre Benjamin (aka Andre 3000 of my beloved Outkast) as a designer to watch. In further news, his line, BENJAMIN BIXBY, debuted its Spring ’09 collection this past Wednesday at Holt Renfrew in Vuitton’s ‘hood, Canada.


As Dre describes it, “The BENJAMIN BIXBY man is a rebel gent. He likes classics with extraordinary styling.” For the Spring collection, the inspiration is Colonial India–“the black madras tux, the over-dyed polo with underarm details and the khaki cotton suit with a map of India lining.” Interesting. If there’s one celeb I have faith in to produce a clothing line based on something other than vanity and potential profits, it’s definitely 3000.


I couldn’t find images of the Spring line on the Web yet, but above are a few flicks from the BB section at Holt Renfrew.
Will y’all be checking for BENJAMIN BIXBY?

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