…Sisi from New Jersey!

After looking at all the comments (and controlling for duplicate and repeat votes) Sisi came out on top!

Many thanks to the ever fashionable Kim, Vanessa, and Jay for your submissions.

You are all fabulous!

Besides, it’s all in fun;)

Stay tuned next week for even more Fashion Bombshells!

9 thoughts on “And Fashion Bombshell of the Week is…”

  1. Woop Woop! Go Sisi!
    All in good fun is right! : )
    Now tell us where to get the lipstick! lol

  2. So I didn’t win the contest you guys! But thanks you for your votes && was all in good fun! Congrats Sisi! :)

  3. Congrats Sisi I was torn between you and Ms ATL… by the time I decided I was unable to leave a comment anymore :0

  4. Hahaha. Where you get the lipstick??!!!!!

    I thought I left a comment earlier but the lipstick is from Walmart. Black Radiance. Was never really in to lipstick and bright colors so I had to start somewhere basic for my experiment. Walmart did me right I guess?

    Thanks again to everyone that voted for me!! : )

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