has scans of a recent spread in American Vogue profiling some of fashion’s brightest stars:


That’s right ladies and gents: not one, or two, but THREE non-caucasian models. On top of featuring confirmed star Arlenis Pena, they also give shine to Nigerian model Oluchi Orlandi and Indian Beauty Lakshmi Menon.
I must admit, my heart is warming slowly towards Vogue; in July 2008, they asked if Fashion was Racist, and after a resounding chorus answered, “YES” they started to make real strides to be more inclusive.
I might think about reinstating my subscription, but the real question is: Does this change your opinion of Vogue?

3 thoughts on “American Vogue: Change We Can Believe In!”

  1. No this does not change my opinion of vogue at all, one spread of having a few model sof colour won’t add up for all the years they never put models of colour in their magazine.

  2. I never really had an opinion of Vogue because I never really read with regularity? I am glad to see more color, but it needs to stay consistent. Of course, we still need to buy the magazine to prove that ethnic beauty does sell.

    Do you know what lip color Oluchi is wearing?

  3. I’m glad to see color as well, but I stopped reading Vogue a while ago cuz I couldn’t take the ads and I couldn’t relate to my wardrobe…I like InStyle…anyhow, that Blonde Sasha chicky in the left bottom corner looks like Gemma Ward and rest of those elf looking models. Clearly they’re not over that trend, but I sure am. :-/

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