Fashion designer Alessandro Dell’Acqua and many others, including noted fashion photographer Giampaolo Sgura, took to social media recently to apologize for their racial insensitivity at the controversial ‘Disco Africa’ Halloween party.
Alessandro Dell'Acqua, Giampaolo Sguara, Anna Dello Russo, and more Apologize for Blackface at Disco Africa Party
Dell’Acqua wrote on Twitter, “It Was not my intention to be disrespectful of offensive to anyone with my halloween costume. I realize that it hurt some people and i sincerely apoligize.”
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Giampaolo Sgura, along with fellow hosts Marco Braga and Miguel Arnau, also released official statements on Instagram, saying:

“As the organizers of the fashion party “Hallowood Disco Africa”, we would like to sincerely apologize that this private party offended so many people. It was never our intention to do so. We had named the party “Disco Africa” to reflect the growing influence of Africa in the design and fashion world, not only as a growing market but also as the source of creative ideas. In retrospect, we clearly failed to think through the possible negative consequences and interpretations that might have resulted and appeared in both traditional and social media. These interpretations are all the more upsetting because most people in the fashion industry, from which we come, have always taken a strong stand against social discrimination whether on sexual, religious or racial grounds. Creative talent is what counts, not a person’s social, racial, religious or sexual background. We’re so sorry that we failed to make our position clear and gave the impression of racism. We are now much wiser and will do our very best to clarify our position in the future.”

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