Some of our favorite Fashion Bomb celebs have been out and about in more casual ‘off duty’ outfits.
Are they Hot! Or Plain Old Hmmm…
Rihanna hit up the movies with this young chap wearing a beenie and yellow roomie sweater with ripped jeans and sneaks:

Rihanna Movies

I’m starting to think this girl could make a sack look hot! I kinda like this steeze and the red lip screams glam! Rih Rih gets a pass, but ladies, don’t try this at home!

Taraji P also was spotted in a t-shirt and low key spandex pants with some kickin fringe laden purple boots:


The choice of boots was a good effort, but hmmm…suede in June?
What do you think?

24 thoughts on “Afternoon Hot! or Hmm…: Rihanna and Taraji’s Casual Looks”

  1. Aww. Poor Taraji. She doesn’t deserve to be in this post. She’s on a day off. And I’m alright with Rihanna’s outfit but those shoes and those braids/twists/whatever have to go. We get it. You’re from Barbados.

  2. I’m not sure I understand why you’re advising us not to try Rihanna’s look ourselves. It seems like you don’t care for a more casual aesthetic– which is fine. We all have different tastes, and I rarely wear sneakers myself. But “ladies, don’t try this at home” just comes off as a bit condescending. I’ve seen plenty of girls dressed like this: bright colors, casual knits, ripped jeans, cute little caps, and sneakers. And it usually works fabulously as an “I’m just running around, catching up on errands, but don’t get it twisted, I’m still fly” kind of look. No, everyone is not Rihanna, but we are all wonderful in our own ways and if a reader sees this pic and wants to try the look, I don’t see why she shouldn’t.

  3. Hmm…
    I don’t see how it was condescending, perhaps she just meant Rihanna could make this look hot, not many people could.

  4. Well put, marymei–I was thinking the same thing. It’s not my style, but it’s a perfectly fine one, and the dictate that this look isn’t good enough for “regular” folks who, like Rihanna, might be spending some downtime with family/friends isn’t a stylish one at all. Life is not a runway.

  5. Someone has it WRONG. Life is a runway and true fashion bombers know that! Rihanna’s look is fine, but those lil’ twists do need to go and so do the white sneaks. Taraji’s look is cute too, I like the boots.

  6. In my eyes Rhi Rhi can do no wrong Now on to Taraji…seriously enough wit the boots already!!!! I’m from the midwest and I love to wear boots in the FALL…I just really think chicas need trade in their boots for sandals…and yes I know that the weather has not been the greates but we just have to fight whatever temptations we have to put on a pair of boots.

  7. Once again truly tired of the “Rihanna can do no wrong” comments. Yes, she has a style of her own that on many occasions is a thumbs up, but she has several thumbs down moments also (as any celebrity may have)..this being one of them. The sneaker/shoes..the twist..not a good look. The rest of the outfit is neither here or is just not worth mentioning to higltight or come against. Its a sweater & jeans..many a women have worn this look. Get over it already. Stop tryign to make everything she wears a fashion statement when sometimes she is just wearing a sweater and a jeans..period. But it’s Rihanna so it is “fashin forward” “cutting edge.” She just created the new casual look..oh please. No hate, please believe me when I say…just tired of the nonsense.

  8. Oh I failed to say I bet if Rihanna wore what Taraji did the look would suddenly go from a no to a fashion yes b/c Rihanna made the ugly outfit hot. Ridiculous.

  9. Love Rihanna’s look.
    No love for Taraji’s look and the choice of boots was a horrid effort.

    I see nothing wrong with Rihanna’s briads/twist, I don’t get why some folks on here have a problem with them?

    @ Septembre – “You’re from Barbados” ??????

    @marymei – Really? Your taking “but ladies, don’t try this at home!” a bit personal, not that serious at all.

    @sun.kissed – Your statement alone tells me you’ve been a

    @ Gigi Strickland – I agree “Rhi Rhi can do no wrong” as for the boots well, I live in Northern Cali and weather at times can be very unpredictable, and I am a boot girl 24/7, it’s very common to see women booted and layered up even in the summer as we tend to not get our typical summer until late August.

    @Anonymous – Get over it!! Rhi Rhi can do no wrong, NEXT!

    @ Anonymous – If Rhianna did wear what Taraji was wearing I am she would have “glamed” it up a bit: Getting rid of the head scarf she probably would have rocked a leather bolero jacket instead of the plain looking one that Taraji has on ,and a flowy/swingy top that would give a bit more shape to her hips and some dark, skinny jeans to make her look even more longer and trimmer, Rhianna or either her stylist would have known exactly what works with these suede, electric blue, fringed boots.

  10. Oops forgot one….

    @ sun.kissed – Your comment alone tells me your 1. a follower, 2. You have no originality, and 3. “Taraji’s look is too cute” No one should ever take fashion tips from you.

    “Life is a runway and true fashion bombers know that! ” Ummmm Ok (blank stare….crickets…… )

  11. “Suede in June?” *shrugs* Why the hell not? When the “edgy” crew – Teyana Ciara Rihanna Keri etc.- pull out the hot, sticky ass leather in the summer they sure do get a pass from y’all.

    And Anonymous is right. Rihanna could have stepped out in the same thing as Taraji and she would’ve gotten a bunch of: “She can do no wrong!” “Her fashion choices are so brave!” Pssshhhh, please. It’s not that she can do no wrong, it’s just that ridiculous people just like what/who they are told to like, fashion-wise especially. And right now, we’re all supposed to idolize and emulate stars like Rihanna. I bet almost nobody commenting even heard of Christophe Decarnin before she stepped out in Balmain recently, SMH. Find your own fashion voice, people. I’m sure Claire made certain to find hers. I think this site is supposed to inspire, not be used as a imitated guide so you all can just nod in agreement like bobble-heads.

    Btw Converse stacked heels were just as corny when stacked sneaker heels came out when I was in high school as they are right at this second. However, Taraji clearly wasn’t dressed for a photo op, unlike Rihanna. Yet, both outfits are less than great. That’s what counts.


  12. I do like Taraji’s cute shirt though. Do you know where one could get it or who designs it?

  13. @BlaqCurrant: You might want to spell check and or proof read before you try to go off on every one’s post on a blog! It’s you’re not your. And I said “Taraji’s look is cute too,” as in– in addition to Rihanna’s look, not it’s “too cute”.

  14. @ sun.kissed, I meant exactly what I wrote, I completely stand behind it, your or you’re, you know exactly what I meant though, and I didn’t “go off” on any one, just expressed several opinions, not uncommon on a blog……Huh!

    @ E. Jay – Tell em why you mad!!!”It’s not that she can do no wrong, it’s just that ridiculous people just like what/who they are told to like, fashion-wise especially. And right now, we’re all supposed to idolize and emulate stars like Rhianna.” I can’t say that I LIKE Rhianna, I love her style whether it’s her own personal style or her stylist vision, I could really care less, I am to old to idolize and emulate some pretty/fashionable young thing.

    “find your own fashion voice people” My fashion voice tells me that if Rhianna was rocking those boots Taraji has on she would be a fashion HOT and not a Hmm like Taraji.

    Fashion is most times “a imitated guide” Fashion magazines, websites, blogs, tv shows,etc everything has all been done before.

    I don’t get why some people feel that you’re jumping on the band wagon if you happen to agree with the majority, no nodding bobble-head here.

  15. BlaqCurrant I hope on day for you not to be so brainwashed. Not to mention how you have contradicted yourself left & right. One minute you are in agreement w/ a comment that RiRi can do no wrong, then you say its not that she can do no wrong..among a few other contradictions that I am not in the mood to go through. Figure out what you’re really trying to say before you begin to write. And yes you and many others are brainwashed into the belief that Rihanna can never make a fashion mistake. It is just like a song that is not good, but if a radio station plays it enough times & it is marketed to perfection all of a sudden everyone loves it. People are brainwashed all day every day & just accept that you have fallen victim to the Rihanna’re apparently not alone.

  16. I love Rihanna’s look. The twists with the rasta man hat is fab. I don’t understand why so many don’t like it, but I guess it’s personal preference. Taraji’s look is not that bad. I can see that she was making the boots the statement piece in the outfit.

  17. ii luv rihanna she can rock ANYTHING that no other female kud haha that why she stay fly so hata’sz stop d*ck ridinq =P && taraji outfit iight

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