Joggers are a great option for men who want to look stylish but want to avoid wearing jeans. They’re also great for those who aren’t sure whether they should wear shorts or pants.

Joggers for men are casual and comfortable, making them an excellent choice if you want something easy to move around in all day. Besides, they’re also versatile—you can dress them up with shoes and accessories or keep things simple by wearing them with sneakers or sandals. Sometimes joggers are even as comfortable as sweatpants!

So, if you are here to find inspiration on how to style your joggers – you’re at the right place. 

1: Wear Your Joggers with a Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are one of the most classic pieces in menswear, and they’re a great way to add more style and personality to your joggers. If you’re looking for something warm, consider pairing your favorite joggers with a polyester shell bomber jacket.

If you want an outfit that’s easy on the eyes but keeps things casual enough for running errands, try minimalist sneakers like the ones from Adidas originals.

2: Joggers and Long-sleeve T-shirts 

If you want to wear joggers with a long-sleeve t-shirt, it’s best not to wear the two together. You’ll end up looking like you’re trying too hard, or at least trying too hard for the wrong reasons. 

Instead of pairing them up, take advantage of their contrast by wearing them separately—and then add some extra style by pulling your sleeves up around your forearms when wearing them together. This will give your outfit an unexpected element that makes it feel more polished than just wearing regular sweatpants around town all day.

3: Try Joggers with Short-sleeve Shirts

Dress up your joggers a touch by adding a button-up shirt. Don’t try anything funky or fancy, but get the crisp look of a collared shirt while staying dressed because of the joggers. This look is especially good during the warmer months when you can wear it to run errands or take public transportation to work or school.

For example, wear a crisp white button-up shirt (or even a polo) if you have white joggers and want to look more professional.

4: Go Bold with Joggers and Denim Jackets 

This is an excellent style for the weekend. As you can see, it’s more suited for when Saturday afternoon and evening blend together. Try it with a worn-in light-wash denim jacket and some oversize or bulky jackets on top for extra warmth. 

For the bottoms, you can’t go wrong with cargo joggers in solid colors like blue or black with white sneakers (or boots). You can also try cargo joggers with simple embroidery details (or no details at all).

Final Thoughts

Joggers for men can be worn any time of the year, and they’re a great option for casual wear at work or on holiday. They look great with sneakers and flip-flops but also work well with formal shoes if you want to look polished. They come in plenty of colors and patterns. Look for an online store that has a vast collection of these.