From Dawn Till Dusk: A Day In The Life Of A Model

What actually happens in the life of a model every day? We took an inside look at what model life is really like; read on for the scoop!

Model Life

To most people, the life of a model seems incredibly glamorous. You are always seen in the best clothing, looking perfectly made up and put together. Meeting fabulous designers, attending fashion week, going to fashion week afterparties, walking in exciting shows…it seems like the perfect life. Getting up early, working hard (but at the best kind of job), getting home, taking a relaxing bath with natural bath oil, and drifting off to sleep dreaming of all the exciting things that the next day will bring. Things are often a little different when you look at them from an inside perspective, so that’s what we did! We asked a model what a day in her life looks like.

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It’s a six am wake up for models every day. When you’re working on someone else’s schedule, you have to be sure that you get up early enough to get in the little “you” things you like to do before heading out for the day. Rain or shine, models get up early to fit in a workout before their day gets hectic. While most people assume that models are rolling in dough, the fact is that every model starts somewhere, and that’s not always going to be a high-paid place. Suppose you can afford a personal trainer or gym membership, great. If not, you’ll have to be disciplined about working out alone every day. After you’ve got a little sweaty, it’s time for a quick, low-carb breakfast. Remember, you’re probably going to be running around from place to place for a large part of your day, so be sure to eat breakfast, or you’ll be running on empty before you know it, and that’s not healthy! Feed the dog or cat, do the dishes, check your mailbox, whatever “you” things you have to do; get them done early before you get to work.

Planning is an essential part of any model’s day or week. In the fashion industry, schedules can change on a dime, so you have to know what your commitments are at all times. Pack some healthy snacks for the day and put a change of clothes and shoes aside the night before to take along to shoots and go-sees, just in case. Most designers prefer you to wear a specific heel height when you’re being fitted, so check that information before you leave the house. For the rest of the day, it’s sneakers all the way. 


Have your transportation planned out: cab, train, or bike, whatever it is. Fittings and go-sees will take up most of your day; you’ll be expected to arrive a little early for each one and ready to put your best foot forward. You’ll need to stand for long periods when you’re being fitted and need to be comfortable around strangers in your underwear. If you’re headed to a shoot, you’ll sit in hair and makeup for an hour or more, depending on the intricacies of the look. Then you’ll shoot for hours, as long as it takes to get the right shot. In the fashion industry, it takes as long as it takes. Models need to be professional at all times, whether a designer or client is in a bad mood or the weather is freezing or too hot. It’s also important to stand up for yourself if you need to; remember you are a person worthy of respect.

Any personal business, like doctor’s appointments, shopping for groceries, or getting a haircut, will have to be fitted in around your work commitments as those commitments pay the bills.


You might have a night shoot or a show to walk in; fashion never sleeps! If it’s just a regular day of daytime work, you’ll probably get home around 7 in the evening. However tired you are( and you’ll probably be exhausted), it’s essential to eat a nutritious supper and remember to hydrate. Squeezing in an hour or so of “you time” in the evening is important for your mental and physical health. Veg out in front of the TV, read a book, knit, do some yoga, whatever YOU want to do. Don’t stay up too late, though! Yes, you hear stories of party-girl models who are always out on the town, but if you want to be a healthy, professional woman, that’s not a good idea. Bedtime by ten or eleven at the latest and a good night’s sleep is what you need.

Wrap Up

Model life is not as glamorous as it seems to onlookers, but it’s a wonderful life if you love the industry. Just like with any other job, you’ll have hard and bad days; you’ll meet difficult or unpleasant clients and maybe even get the brief wrong sometimes. But there are also moments where dreams are coming true, you’re finally getting a big break, or you love every minute of a job. It’s a tough life, but if it’s the life you want, you’ll be ready to work hard for it.