Are you ready to kick this year into high gear with hair health? Perhaps you went a little overboard during the pandemic and decided to give yourself nice bangs that didn’t turn out so nice after all? Or maybe you wanted to be featured on a Brad Mondo video, but he never noticed? 

Don’t worry – we have put together great professional advice from Scissor Tech Online on how to fix your damaged hair and how to keep it healthy. It’s not too late to have your best hair yet, even if you had an accident or two during the lockdown. Take a look at those nine hair care routines that actually work:

Find Natural Ingredients That Do Wonders For Your Hair

There are many natural ways to improve your hair health, from switching to a natural shampoo and conditioner to starting from whiting and enriching your diet with healthy fats. For example, peanuts are actually good for your hair, as they have lots of vitamin E.

Another way to bring significant changes to your hair condition is to introduce oils into your hair care routine, as they are known as the most effective natural remedies you can rely on. The best thing about them is there is no need to look for expensive hair products, when you can use what you already have at your culinary disposal – olive, avocado, and coconut oils.

Don’t Forget To Take Care of Your Scalp

Your scalp needs as much attention as your hair, so there are several healthy habits to acquire. First of all, get used to massage your scalp every time you wash your hair. It will allow you to reduce the excessive sebum and built-up remains of the hair styling products. As a result, you increase blood flow to hair follicles, stimulating hair growth.

Secondly, make sure to use preventative measures like wearing hats and scarves in extreme temperatures, and not going out in the sun without protection.

Get Rid of Your Split Ends Regularly

No matter how long your hair is, split ends will always be one of the main reasons it may look dramatically bad. It is crucial to cut your hair tips regularly – every month or two, depending on how fast your hair grows. It will allow you to avoid hair breakage over the entire length of your hair, make it look thicker and stronger. Besides, you cannot grow long, healthy hair without regular trimmings.

Your Hair Is Fine – Stop Over-Using Hair Products

Some hair products are so bad that they are causing even more hair damage than they are fixing, so it is crucial to be mindful of possible allergic reactions and always read the labels. Besides, a quality hair care routine does not require a large number of products. Conversely, shampoo and conditioner suitable for your hair type and the natural oil will be enough to restore your hair and make it shine.

Wash Your Hair Properly

While washing your hair might seem as easy as just putting water on it and brushing it out, it actually takes more effort than that. The proper washing technique requires using a deep conditioning shampoo and conditioner, and massage your scalp to remove all of the excess dirt. 

Once you are finished applying all the products to your hair, brush it gently with your fingertips, and then rinse it out with lukewarm water. Another great tip is to switch to a microfiber towel instead of using a terry cloth one.

Go All Out With a Hair Mask

There’s nothing like a good hair mask to get you that,healthy shiny hair back. So we asked the professionals for their best advice on what a good hair mask should have:

“A good hair mask will have plenty of oils, and thick proteins to coat your hair strands with the nutrients they need to become strong and healthy.”

Keep Your Hair Dryer Away From Your Hair

It might be tempting to use a hairdryer every time right after washing your hair, but it will do no good to your hair. There are many different types of heat styling tools on the market today (blow dryers, hair straighteners, curling irons, etc.), so make sure to understand which ones will meet your individual needs, and reduce using them when possible.

It would be more beneficial to allocate some more time to wash your hair and let it air dry after. However, if you have to use any heat styling tool anyway, make sure to apply heat protection products, use a diffuser for a blow dryer.

Use the Right Comb To Untangle Your Hair

A wide-tooth comb can help improve your hair health by gently removing all of the tangles that have built up in your hair over time. Another great tip is always to begin untangling your hair from the ends. Thus, you will be able to remove the tangles gradually, and minimize the damage.

However, it is essential not to overdo combing your hair, especially while it is still wet, as damp hair is more prone to breakage. Make sure to always brush your hair with your fingertips when applying conditioner to eliminate the tangles beforehand.

Use Hair Shampoo and Conditioner With SPF

Using a shampoo and conditioner with SPF can help prevent sunburn on your scalp skin and are much more convenient to use than standalone sun protection hair products. If you plan on going outside during the summer without any protection, it is vital to implement those products into your hair care routine.


A proper hair care routine is a complex and individual approach that requires several healthy yet simple habits. Even if those tips seem tiny and insignificant, sticking to at least a couple of them will make your hair look completely different.

Although your hair health depends on many various factors, one thing remains vital – ensure that you always choose hair care products and procedures according to your hair type. Thus, you will avoid any unintended, additional damage and make your hair burst out of shine!