Being part of such a strong and unique culture that is connected to nature has really influenced the Tahitian way of dressing. Because dance is such a huge part of the Tahitian tradition, the materials used are a combination of natural items found on the island which are distinctive, creative and express the dance moves even better through costume. The costumes and designs play a huge role in the storytelling of the performances, making it have its own authentic and rich style. To help you get an idea of their sense of fashion, here are 8 runway-worthy Tahitian outfit ideas:

  1. Pearls

The Tahitians take pride in the natural materials that their island offers and tend to display it as part of their culture especially in dance. Most costumes being worn in Tahitian dances tell a story through art, movement and materials. One of the most prominent natural materials evident on the island is the black Tahitian pearl. Pearl necklaces in particular are well known in Tahiti, and you really can’t go wrong when it comes to pairing an amazing pearl necklace with a classy dress. You can find a variety of quality Tahitian pearl necklaces from the right source and pick the right one for your outfit. It is also common to find a dress made out of shiny black pearls, shimmering with vibrant, unmistakable color. The boldness of the outfit and the way it sways and sparkles with the movements makes it a runway-worthy Tahitian outfit.

  1. Shells

Another natural material that is exceptionally beautiful when merged into an outfit are shells. However, with the Tahitians incredible sense of style, shells have been evident in numerous costumes from bikini tops made out of shell strings tied together to dresses displaying a lot of skin as the shells allow an appearance to be made and a clunking spirit to add to the outfits making them truly stand out.  Using small yellow, white and orange shells known as ‘pupu’ shells, is a common, exotic material, especially when used in costumes rather than just as accessories.

  1. Coconuts

The traditional Tahitian costume, still widely used today displays an elegance mixed with a love for nature that can only be interpreted with the widespread coconut bikini top. However, when mixed with fringes made of leaves and tree parts it allows the body to move freely while the fringes exotically display the movements of Tahitian culture and make it an excellent costume.

  1. Flowers

Accessorizing with flowers has always been a big thing in the Tahitian style. Whether it’s a long necklace wrapped around the neck and covering the breasts, or added to the hair or even displayed high-low dresses, shorts and accessories for men, it adds a sense of warmth, elegance and hospitality to the Tahitian costume.

  1. Red and Yellow Outfits

When creating a runway-worthy outfit, expect to find a large combination of red and yellow costumes. Costumes made of red feathers in flowy shirt dresses or accessories for men displays a sense of power and royalty making it elegant, natural and extremely Tahitian. However, when mixed with the color of life, yellow, by using plants or seeds, it tells a story, concept or idea of the legendary land making the entire costume a work of art.

  1. Headpiece

It’s quite common to find a headpiece that is not just decorative but also extremely creative. Walking down a runway, a headpiece made from parts of the coconut tree is a stunning sight, especially when combined with a minimal costume made of shells and seeds. The focus on the headpiece displays a sense of royalty and expresses so much about the Tahitian culture through the contrast in costume.

  1. Floral Statement Pieces

While flowers can be found in other costumes, using a floral stiff structure to be worn around the shoulders is an incredible outfit idea that only a Tahitian can pull off. Using traditional flowers such as opuhi and birds of paradise in red to express royalty, the structure along with the color significance play a huge role in the vibe this sensational outfit gives off. 

  1. Moré 

Using a natural fiber known as part of the Tahitian costume is a very smart and creative way of displaying a modern twist to the Tahitian charm through dress. With its fringe-like effect, transparency and layering, it is used in long skirts with full legs showing with every movement along with large, layered necklaces covering the top part of the outfit. It is even used as an accessory quite like a pom pom and can be seen on full costumes for men, too.

Because of the Tahitians’ deep roots and their connection to nature, the creativity of their outfits displays their culture and tradition through their amazing sense of style. The combination of new, exciting natural materials with a whole lot of bare skin and vibrant, bold styles, the costumes are unique, elegant and difficult to come across anywhere else.