While iPhone sales are growing tremendously, we’ve decided to present a material that may change your perspective when faced with the choice: Android versus iPhone.

It’s quite obvious that the overwhelming success of the iPhone is the legacy of Steve Jobs. However, today’s cheaper smartphone offerings operating on Android have the same or even better features than overpriced Apple devices.

If you are skeptical about it, here is a perfect example. When you make a purchase, you pay attention to three things:

  • price
  • quality
  • feedback

You don’t choose a write my essay service which costs $20 per page if you know there is the same quality for just $7 per page. However, modern marketing tricks can lead you to spend more on features that actually cost half the price.

Yet, we don’t want to make empty statements when we claim that Android-based phones can outperform the iPhone. We are here to present some evidence.

source: https://unsplash.com/photos/HfWA-Axq6Ek

Android Offers More Choices

iPhone is your only choice when it comes to iOS. It’s preinstalled on these smartphones exclusively. Android, however, powers devices of multiple manufacturers. It means you сфт choщыe who you’d want to pay your hard-earned money to and what brand’s device you’d like to own.

If you want to get a top-quality device at a reasonable price, you should be paying attention to Android flagman phones. When we talk about Android, the stakes are on quality and price rather than on marketing.

Android Is All About Convenience

Just think about it: Apple requires you to purchase lots of dongles to get access to functions that seem pretty common for Android users. It creates lots of problems and requires you to carry lots of unnecessary stuff with you whenever you travel.

For example, the entire Android universe has already moved to USB-C cables used everywhere now. IPhones and iPads still rely on those Lightning cables that don’t fit any other device except the Apple-manufactured ones.

No Headphone Tricks

If you are a wireless headphones owner, it may sound a bit outdated for you. However, those who are still using 3.5 mm jack headphones know what this is all about.

Apple changed the slot for headphones and required everyone to carry a tiny dongle with them since the release of its 7th version. You can’t listen to your favorite song if you don’t have it. For Android devices, headphones always mean 3.5 mm. This standard is unquestionable.

Android Offers Quick Access to Settings

Android has really tried to make access to all its features easy and intuitive. You don’t need to look for Settings on your phone anymore. You can have it all by swiping down from the top of the screen. Most of the functions you use daily can be found on that Control Center.

IPhone has recently enabled that quick access as well but, objectively, it’s not that comprehensive. Android has really got you covered since it also has a Settings icon on that Control Center screen.

Android Lets You Change Screen Themes

What many users find frustrating about iPhones is that they are hard to customize. One can’t change the overall theme. The only option they have is to turn it black. 

Android, however, has lots of features that may help you personalize your phone. You can download theme sets that would change everything from fonts to icons on your home screen. Also, you can arrange the widgets and icons the way you see fit. This is obviously an advantage for people who don’t like standardized home screens and seek some creativity.

Android Let You Work on Two Programs Simultaneously

Recently, Android has provided its users with an option to keep YouTube running while they are texting, or to leave MS Word open while they use Google. This has upgraded a smartphone to a new level. Just imagine it: you don’t have to close one app to access the other.

This feature will appear on an iPhone sooner or later, too. Yet, for now, this is a real competitive advantage for Android-powered device manufacturers.

iPhone Is All About iTunes

The file system of Android definitely wins the battle with iPhone. Seriously, the need to use iTunes has been killing many people for years. Its today’s version is even more complex for users than it was years ago.

Android uses a well-known file system that mimics Windows in many ways. That is why you can download and access files easily as well as store them on your device until you need them. It refers to all extensions from MP3 to PDF or VMP.

source: https://unsplash.com/photos/qSnlkqPCj-4

Android Is Compatible with Different Software

If you want to use your smartphone to the best of its ability, then it’s definitely an Android device that you should buy. Android OS is compatible with many more hardware options than iPhone. Dongles and jacks are only partially responsible for this gap.

The main reason why Apple makes it so hard to connect iPhone to other devices is that it wants you to buy those tools from the company. Obviously, at a high price. Cheaper alternatives don’t belong to the iOS environment.

Final Words

Android vs. iPhone battle reminds of a long-lasting conflict between snowboarders and ski lovers. Both have their reasons to claim that their favorite kind of sport is the best.

When it comes to smartphones, Android obviously has its advantages, but it does not mean that the iPhone isn’t of top-quality standards. Before you make your choice, study the features offered and decide what you expect from your phone. After all, it’s always good to have the benefit of choice.